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Talking Heads - Lucky Versloot

Discover the talking with Lucky Versloot, a nice and easy-going guy, with many ambitions and interests. His passion for art shines through every answer and his future seems full of curious projects.

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Talking Heads - Daniel Stentzler

Brazilian model Daniel Stentzler, joins us in a candid conversation about social media, healthy diets and style motivation. Read on to find out his thoughts about his future and desires.

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Talking Heads - Casper Plantinga

Discussing his leisure activities and educational encounters, Casper Plantinga puts over a couple of exceptional however uplifting experiences and furthermore discusses Netflix and Martial Arts.

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Talking Heads - Tommaso Sassoli

Giving us an insight to his millennial life while also discussing fashion’s impact on the environment, Tommaso Sassoli is this week‘s ‘Talking Head’. Check out to know about his love for movies and his ambitions.

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Talking Heads - Rijk Van Der Velde

Rijk Van Der Velde, as his name suggests, talks about everything interesting, his love for Dutch food, his spirit animal and reminiscing about childhood memories!

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Talking Heads - Sun Ze

Sun Ze tells us how important it is to read, his most prized possessions and his dreams if he wasn’t into the fashion industry.
Find out in the latest edition of Talking Heads!

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Talking Heads - Quaranta

From the Dsquared2, Emporio Armani and Versace catwalks to The Greatest’s online project, the Italian model Andrea Quaranta is this week’s ‘Talking Head’. Go check it out to   know his breakfast habits and listen to him sing one of his favourite songs!

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Talking Heads - Jip Boxstart

Jip Boxstart tells us about her obsessions and her favourite things in the fifth edition of Talking Heads. Read on to know her thoughts about having superpowers and fighting global warming.

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Talking Heads - Ramon

Join us in an unfiltered discussion with Ramon Keeris – our model of the week as he shares with us his ideals about freedom and recycling.

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Talking Heads - Massaer

In our third edition of Talking Heads, we feature our conversation with Massaer Seck from Senegal. As the questions get personal, he talks about his aspirations and also sings a melody in Wolof.

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