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Talking Heads – Adrian Planas

Shot by Pablo de Pastors – Fashion Editor Miguel Padial – Model Adrian Planas at Sight Management – Makeup by Manuela Pane – Photography Assistant Joan Vitores – Fashion Assistant Gisela Castells – Interview by Marco Martello // Coat Studio Nicholson

Gold or silver?
Gold looks very good, but I’ll have to go silver.
What smell takes you back to your childhood?
The smell of the fields in Asturias, Spain.
What’s the number one thing that you always procrastinate?
Housework, for sure.

thegreatestmagaine_talkingheads_adrianplanas 1

Coat Studio Nicholson – Shirt Qasimi – Trousers Juan Vg – Shoes Hereu // Jacket and Vest Pablo Erroz – Trousers Smetire Studio – Shoes Aft-R

What food makes you feel better when you’re down in the dumps?
A good burger from La Royale Barcelona.
What’s the number one thing you don’t like about your work as a model?
What I don’t like, is that you can’t keep the clothing and accessories you get to wear.

thegreatestmagaine_talkingheads_adrianplanas 2

Total Look Studio Nicholson – Hat Carhartt // Total Look Studio Nicholson – Shoes Hereu // Coat Studio Nicholson – Trousers Carhartt

How do you chill out after a job?
I just take a nap.
What’s your favourite song?
I can`t decide between ‘No Eyes’ by Claptone and ‘Psycho Killer’ by Talking Heads.


Coat Studio Nicholson – Shirt Qasimi – Trousers Juan Vg – Shoes Hereu // Knit Studio Nicholson – Shirt Mfpen – Skirt Jean Paul Gaultier – Boots Hereu