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Talking Heads – Biel Ben Ahmed

Shot by Alessandro Mannelli – Fashion Editor Marco Drammis – Model Biel Ben Ahmed at Metropolitan Models – Grooming Melisande Page at Blend Management – Fashion Assistant Rocco Collazzo – Casting Isadora Banaudi – Interview by Giorgia Feroldi // Top and Trousers Acne Studios – Shoes Our Legacy – Accessories Stylist’s own

What three items would you bring to a deserted island, and why?
I’d bring a book on how to survive alone on a deserted island, a flint stone and knife.
What’s your comfort food?
My comfort food is my mother’s Tunisian food, yum!
Tattoos or bare skin?
Bare skin!
What’s your favourite season, and which season is it the easiest to be fashionable?
My favourite season is probably summer, although the easiest to be fashionable is spring in my opinion.
What’s your go-to cocktail on a date?
Since I don’t like cocktails, I mostly drink beer and wine.
Do you like to cook? What’s the best dish you’ve ever made and the worst?
I do like to cook, yes! I guess the best dish I’ve ever made is pasta Bolognese, While the worst one, well, one day I tried to make cookies and let’s just say it was a disaster! (Laughs, E.D.)
What’s your favourite TV show of all time?
It’s ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, a very famous sitcom from the 2000’s.


Trousers Loewe // Jacket and Trousers Celine Homme – Knitwear MSGM – Shoes Vintage All Star 

What did you dream of becoming as a child?
When I was a child, I didn’t dream of becoming anything to be honest with you. I already knew growing up wasn’t a good idea and wanted to be a child all my life. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work! (Laughs, E.D.).
Do you have a favourite piece of art?
My little sister is my favourite piece of art.
What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Waking up at noon, having a nice cup of coffee, eating junk food, seeing my friends and then getting ready for my favourite moment of the day: going to bed!
Who’s your fashion role model?
I don’t have any fashion role model, I’m not into fashion much.
What’s the best present you’ve gifted and the best you’ve received?
The best present I’ve ever gifted is ‘The Bro Code’, a book from the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ TV show. The best gift I’ve ever received is life.
What’s your weirdest quality?
I’m really good at making people uncomfortable, like creating awkward situations and pretending everything’s fine.
What’s your favourite thing to do on a night out with friends?
Having a drink together and discussing lots of topics, whilst pretending we’re all very clever.


Total Look Prada // Top and Trousers Acne Studios – Shoes Our Legacy – Accessories Stylist’s own 

What’s you favourite day of the week, and why?
I don’t have a favourite day, I’m actually campaigning to add a day between Saturday and Sunday, which would be my favourite day then.
Do you stay up-to-date with the news?
I’m living in Paris and using social media, so I guess that, even if I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t be able to avoid it.
Sweet or savoury?
What’s one misbelief people often have about you?
Well, I actually don’t know about that. What I know is that the sentence about me that I’ve heard the most is: ‘At first I didn’t like you at all, but you’re actually fine’.
What’s you favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
My friends gifted me an AMI Paris sweater for my birthday, that’s my favourite piece.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I’d probably choose something that doesn’t make me a superhero, like not getting wet when it rains, or something. Big powers come with big problems!


Jacket and Trousers Celine Homme – Knitwear MSGM – Shoes Vintage All Star – Accessories Stylist’s Own // Total Look Prada