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Yes, we may come from the print world, but that won’t stop us from expanding our horizons to ensure you with the best digital content every single week!

THE GREATEST – The Nostalgia Issue

Together with several different personalities, British actor Corey Mylchreest has helped us bring The Greatest #25 to life, reflecting on the concept of ’Nostalgia’. Discover our interviews with Colm Dillane, Joseph Lawrence, David Seth & Kavi Moltz, and many more on The Greatest #25 – The Nostalgia Issue.

FRAMES – Charlotte Robinson

‘Frames’ is The Greatest’s online project giving voice to young women from all over the world, who just want to feel heard, seen and understood. Join them in their journey into adulthood!

HANDSHAKE – Victorie de Tallic-Touhami

‘Handshake’ is The Greatest’s new online project that put the spotlight on the handshake that’ve changed the life of the coolest personalities in the creative industries. 

SIGHT AND SMELL – The Ghost of you

The absence of someone we love may degenerate and make us see shadows that’re simply not there

SPACES – Hermès, La Pelota

‘Spaces’ is The Greatest’s new online project in occasion of Salone del Mobile 2024, we wants to make you discover some of the best events and exhibitions exposed here in Milan.

TALKING HEADS – Youssef Rocha

His name is Youssef Rocha, and we suggest you keep an eye on him. So, read on and learn all there’s to know about him!


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