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Romi Peled

Photographer Julius Bohlin – Fashion Editor Anna Sundelin – Model Romi Peled at Oui Management – Makeup by Isis Moënne-Loccoz – Hair by Malin Wallin – Casting Director Isadora Banaudi – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon – Set Designer Alice Järdesten // Total Look Dolce & Gabbana // One Piece Cardigan and Shorts Ariuna Cashmere // Shoes Barbara Bui // Top and Trousers Lovechild 1979 – Belt Mark Kenly Domino Tan

Total Look Celine // Total Look Louis Vuitton

Romi, what inspired you to get into the fashion field, more specifically the modelling industry?

I was scouted in Tel Aviv when I was 16 and when I realized that I could work as a model of course I wanted this life for traveling over the world, earning some money, meet different and creative people and so I did.

What makes you feel most confident?

A balanced mental and physical state makes me feel the most confident.

Cardigan and One Piece Ariuna Cashmere – Skirt Dawei Stockings Swedish Stockings – Kitten heels Kenzo // Total Look Versace

Building off this, image plays a big role in modelling and self-esteem. Have you ever struggled to find your confidence or body positivity?

I think that in general young women take time to find true self-confidence, especially in this job where confidence and self-expression are the center of the job. As a model, I’m constantly judged for how I look, and without the true self-confidence that comes from inner balance and self-love, so the matter of judgment can undermine you as a woman. In addition to being a model, I go through personal processes in my life, ups, and downs like everyone else, so of course sometimes my confidence disappears.

As a model, one has to be prepared for sudden travel plans, as the nature of the job demands last-minute notice. How have you dealt with this? And who or what do you miss the most when away?

This job is completely mysterious, you never know what awaits you the next day. I kind of like it. It taught me not to hold on to the future or the past, to stay in the present, and to be spontaneous. And mostly I miss my family, my dog, and the weather in the country I come from.

Total Look Givenchy // Total Look Jil Sander – Earrings Poem Objects

Fortunately, with all the travelling you’re able to visit many places. Where has been your favourite city you’ve been to with work, and why?

When I was 18 l did 2 months in Tokyo and that was my favorite city so far.

So far in 2024, you’ve walked down some of the most prestigious fashion designers’ catwalks.

From Issey Miyake, Iceberg, David Koma, and Erdem, to Vivetta and so many more. How do you cope with having back-to-back shows and overall a busy schedule during fashion weeks?

I started modelling when I was 17 so I’m kind of used to this busy schedule. To be honest I like the chaotic environment during fashion week.

Dress Sportmax // Total Look Domino Tan – Shoes Barbara Bui

Romi, I see that you’ve walked both men’s and women’s runway shows. Would you say each of them has a different attitude, or vibe, to them? Especially backstage?

I always liked the idea of doing a men’s show, it’s definitely more chill.

Looking to the future, what do you hope to achieve within your modelling career?

As long as I’m still happy and feel empowered doing this job, I’d like to keep doing it.

Total Look Dolce Gabbana – Shoulder piece Mark Kenly Domino Tan // Coat, Shirt and Trousers Issey Miyake – Headpiece Mark Kenly Domino Tan – Shoes COS Atelier

And what about if you weren’t a model, what would you be doing professionally?

If I wasn’t modelling for sure I’d be a holistic therapist.

Lastly, who or what inspires you the most?

I’m always inspired the most by the nature. I love the trees, the textures, the smells, and the whole environment.