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Frame – Alice Sofia

Photographer Camilla e Riccardo Studio – Fashion Editor Francesca Piovano – Model Alice Sofia at Monster Management – Makeup by Marta Vetere at The Green Apple – Hair by Davide Perfetti at Blend Management – Fashion Assistant Micaela Tana – Interview by Federica Romano // Total Look Louis Vuitton – Shoes Ferragamo // Total Look Fendi // Jacket Marni

Earrings MAPI Jewelry  // Total Look David Koma – Shoes MSGM

Alice, how would you describe yourself in three words?
Optimistic, curious, and very sensitive.

Your participation in Diesel’s SS21 campaign has certainly had a significant impact. How did you tackle the challenges related to representing authenticity and diversity in the fashion world?
I started modeling seriously much later than usual, by which time I had already graduated and had experiences that had shaped me. So, staying authentic wasn’t difficult. I didn’t feel like part of the system because I was too old and too weird. It was impossible for me to suddenly change my habits, so I decided it was easier to remain myself. I’ve always had serious problems with brushing and I hate combing my hair, for example, so I go to castings as I am because I feel strange when I’m groomed.


Sweater Acne Studios – Trousers Jil Sander – Shoes Fendi // Total Look Marni

Self-esteem plays a key role in the competitive fashion industry. How have you built and maintained your self-esteem over time, especially in challenging situations like fashion shows and advertising campaigns?
I’m very self-critical, and usually when I see my published photos, I don’t like them, but at the same time, I feel unique overall. My first major job was for Valentino with Jurgen Teller, and when I found out they wanted me, I thought, ‘Why?’ As I’ve grown, my relationship with aesthetics and appearance has improved a lot, and being a model has definitely helped.

Your presence in renowned fashion magazines such as Sole24ore and Office Italia is a noteworthy achievement. How do you deal with pressure, and what emotions do you feel when you see yourself published in such prestigious publications?
I’m never anxious before a shoot; I try to listen as much as possible to the directions of the team, adding my touch, but of course, when I see myself on a cover, I still feel a certain emotion.

T-shirt Ferragamo – Skirt Acne Studios – Sunglasses Sunnei // Earrings MAPI Jewelry

Femininity is a central theme in the fashion world. How do you believe your career influences or reflects the concept of femininity, and how would you like to see it evolve in the future?
As I’ve already said, I have a great relationship with my body, and although I’ve never been particularly feminine in my mannerisms, this job has allowed me to see myself in different clothes, and I’ve had the opportunity to like and recognise myself even in a more graceful and elegant version. Femininity in my work is definitely important, but I don’t think it’s necessarily linked to a short dress or stiletto heels. Femininity for me is and I hope it will become more synonymous with naturalness in the future.

Looking ahead, how do you envision your modeling career, and what goals do you hope to achieve in the coming years?
I certainly want to continue working as a model, but at a different pace; now I focus more on the project of my entirely artisanal brand RATHAT, created and designed by me, which takes up a lot of my time and is 100% gratifying.

Total Look MSGM // Jacket Marni 

If you had the opportunity to make a significant change in the fashion industry, what would you like to change to make it more inclusive and sustainable?
It’s really sad to see how much brands produce and how much people buy. Excessive production and consumerism, two lives wouldn’t be enough to wear all the clothes we have. Seeing bloggers’ wardrobes always makes me think, ‘How do they have time to wear everything? Living only one life?’ More so , trends change…It’d be enough to set a slightly less ostentatious example. If I really have to, I only buy used clothes now.

What has been your experience with body positivity throughout your modeling career, and how do you believe it can positively impact the fashion industry?
During a period when I felt overweight and out of shape, I was confirmed for a job in Sweden, and my agent asked if I could eat a little more because the client feared I was too thin for their standards. Now fashion has become inclusive, and I feel there is room for everyone, as long as you’re not too hard on yourself. Since I stopped paying attention to what I eat and only listen to my needs and desires, I feel much better physically and mentally.