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Frame – Katie Craven

Photographer Antonio Dicorato – Fashion Editor Matteo Greco – Model Katie Craven at Boom Agency – Makeup by Mary Cesardi at Blend Management – Hair by Armando Cherillo at Blend Management using Hair by Sam McKnight – Casting by Isadora Banaudi – Photography Assistant Enrico Calvo – Fashion Assistant Roberto Strumolo and Simone Morelli – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Dress N21 – Polo Tommy Hilfiger // Shorts Dsquared2 – Shirt Sportmax – Shoes Fabiana Filippi // Dress and Shoes Marni – Sunglasses Pucci

Dress Issey Miyake – Shirt Tommy Hilfiger // Polo MSGM – Shirt Tommy Hilfiger – Skirt Marni – Trousers Boss – Shoes Philosophy – Sunglasses L.G.R

First thing first, walk me through your journey into modelling.

I was scouted of the age of 17 from TikTok and at first i thought it was all a scam. Because there’s so may people reaching out that it’s all a bunch of lies, but I sat and watched and noticed that it wasn’t fake or a dream I was actually real.

Katie, how did you feel for the first time walking a catwalk show or seeing yourself in an advertising campaign?

My first ever show was one of my biggest memories that I hold with me. I was doing the runway show for JW Anderson in a Casino, stepping on to the catwalk for the first time was very nerve-racking but by the time I had done the walk it was all over and I wanted to do it again!

Shirt and Earrings Valentino // Total Look MiuMiu – Shoes Marni

Tell me about your look. Have you ever had to drastically change it for a modelling gig?

Yes there was a time in my modelling career, I shaved my head to a buzz cut, it was a very bold move but knowing I can do a lot with my look is great and brings me more opportunities and show a different type of character to the client.

Will you share with me the most cherished memory you have so far in modelling?

My most cherished memory of all was my first ever job that was a campaign for a big brand and I was the face in the window on Oxford street in London, walking past and just thinking this is going to be a good career path The fashion world is very competitive and can be quite noisy at times. It also has a lot of critics and haters as well.

Polo White Boss – Striped Brown Polo MSGM – Skirt Sportmax – Earrings Givenchy // Polo MiuMiu – Trousers Tommy Hilfiger – Dress Philosophy – Skirt Marni – Shoes Marni – Earrings Madina Visconti

Similar to the above, how would you rate the topic of body positivity?As it’s become quite an important and talked about topic in society now, where could it improve?

I think everyone should be happy with what they were blessed with but on the other hand your body is a temple and if you treat it well and it comes with good outcomes and benefits. And if you eat junk, unhealthy foods all the time it will not only ruin your health and body but your skin. Now if you eat say a homemade meal you will feel more full and better in yourself.

Katie in one of your Instagram posts the caption is: ‘Confidence is my favourite accessory’. Would you say you were born and always had this natural confidence? Or was it something you learned to grow?

Personally, I’d say that I’ve always been very confident and an outgoing person but there was a shy side to me, however doing the job I do now it has made me open up a lot more and definitely helped with me grow as a person.

Striped Polo DKNY – White Polo DNKY – Top Fabiana Filippi – Shorts DKNY – Shoes Givenchy – Hat Alanui // Total Look Jil Sander – Borsa Biagini – Sunglasses MaxMara

Looking ahead, where do you envision or hope to see yourself in five years, both personally and professionally?

In 5 years I hope to see myself being mentally and physically stronger. Have more of a understanding of what I’m going to do in the next steps in life. Professionally, I want to see myself potentially becoming female model of the year, which is something I’ve been striving to hopefully happen one day.

And lastly, if you could tell the younger Katie any advice or anything at all, what would you say?

Just do your absolute best because no one can take that away from you! (Smiles. E.D).