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Frames – Lila Pankova

Photographer camillariccardo Studio – Fashion Editor Matteo Greco – Model Lila Pankova at Fashion Model Management – Makeup by Alice Fayre at Blend Management – Hair by Armando Cherillo at Blend Management – Casting by Isadora Banaudi – Fashion Assistants Roberto Strumolo and Martina Roversi – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Coat  Corneliani – Mesh Top  N21 – Tank Top and Culotte Extreme Cashmere – Boots Givenchy // Body AndreĀdamo – Earrings Valentino //  Jacket Vivetta- Dress and Shoes N21 – Trousers Marc O’Polo – Earrings Valentino


lila frames

Jacket Paul Smith – Bra N21 – Skirt Rotate – Boots  Givenchy 


Lila, first let’s begin with how did you get into modeling?
I was scouted on Instagram when I was 15. Things started really quickly, 3 months later I was already on my first trip to China, then Korea, and so on.

I read you’re Ukrainian, can you tell us a little about your life growing up, and how that shaped you into the woman you stand before us today.
Yes, I was born and raised in the Crimean Peninsula. It’s an incredibly beautiful land located between two seas, framed with mountains, forests, and valleys. Now, after living in Italy for more than one year and comparing every unique spot here to my homeland, I realised how rich Crimea is and how lucky I am. Of course, life there affected me a lot. First, the situation there taught me from a very young age how to be strong, fearless and resistant. Secondly, I was totally spoiled with all these outstanding landscapes and fresh organic food I was eating every day. I’m proud to be born in such a unique place on the earth and I miss it a lot. I believe one day I’ll be able to share the beauty of Crimea with more people and my friends from all over the world.



Total Look Valentino  // Coat  Sportmax – Shoes N21

Can you walk us through your very first experience walking down the runway.
My very first experience was in South Korea, 4 years ago. I was walking for some local brand there and was so amazed by how cool I felt walking with some cool music beats on and having cameras flashing everywhere. My first big show experience was just this September. I did Prada Exclusive and it was a very special day for me. I still can’t believe it happened honestly (Smiles, E.D.)!

When do you feel like your truest self? What are you doing, what does that look like?
Only the sea gives me this feeling. While swimming, I feel connected with the most beautiful element. You feel free. Again, it comes from the beautiful place I was born in. I used to swim a lot.



Body Andrea Adamo – Skirt Darkpark – Shoes N21 // Cardigan  Extreme Cashmere – Shirt Valentino – Skirt Rotate – Boots Givenchy

Lila, have you ever experienced negative body image? Or have you always had body positivity?
Thankfully I’ve never experienced it and I’ve always felt comfortable in my own skin. Of course, sometimes we all have our moments but I genuinely love myself the way I am and take care of my body a lot. And I wish that for everyone.

How would you describe the diversity within the modeling industry? Could it improve? 
In my opinion, there’s a huge diversity within the models in the industry and it’s improving even more. What I see right now is the industry which is extremely overloading already with various talents from all over the world, different sizes and features and I believe that there still should be some balance in it for sure. I believe that inclusivity is with us already.



Bra and Culotte N21 – Skirt Borbonese // Tranch Aspesi – Shirt Sportmax – Culotte Extreme Cashmere – Earrings Valentino – Shoes  N21

In this day and age it’s a known fact that we all deal with stress and anxiety, in different ways and levels of intensity of course, and all use ways to alleviate them. I’m curious to know, how do you manage stress and anxiety? What makes you calm or zen?
I find my own peace day by day to be able to not lose myself in this crazy world. The first and last thing I do during the day is my 15 minutes of skincare. The act of love for myself definitely grounds me. Nature of course. I practice yoga, love cleaning my space, cooking, reading books, and watching documentaries about different countries. In general, my house is my safe place, my routine is my bubble stuffed with all the things I love that leave me zen. But one main thing that gives me not only the calmness but also the biggest smile is watching and communicating with dogs. It’s some magic ritual for me, sometimes it makes me think I was a dog in my past life.

Lastly, I’d like to end with where you hope to see yourself in the future.
I believe a happy woman. The rest is not so important.



Trench Jacob Cohen – Shirt DarkPark – Shirt Underneath Pierre Luis Mascia – Coulotte N21 – Boots Givenchy