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Frames – Anita Sarto

Photographer Lluis Camps at Fisheye – Fashion Editor Chiara Spennato – Model Anita Sarto at Select Model – Makeup by Angela Montorfano at Blend Management using Fenty Beauty – Hair by Daniela Magginetti at Blend Management using Davines – Casting by Isadora Banaudi – Photography Assistant Cataldo Lucchese – Fashion Assistant Luca Rosei – Interview by Francesca Jude Fusetti // Dress  Acne Studios – Sneakers New Balance x Miu Miu – Socks Miu Miu – Earrings Louis Vuitton // Earrings Louis Vuitton //Top, Shorts and Earrings Louis Vuitton – Sneakers New Balance x Miu Miu – Socks Miu Miu

Dress Prada – Earrings Louis Vuitton // Dress Givenchy – Bra Oséree – Earrings Louis Vuitton


Your turn has come. It’s your first show of the season, the music is great and it’s also your favorite genre this time. Take one step and then another. What are you feeling right

‘Don’t stumble, look straight, head held high’. Just kidding, this is what I imagined everyone repeating in their heads before starting a show. Luckily this is not the case! What’s the point of starting with fear? Especially for me, I don’t have a perfect ‘poker face’ and everything is reflected in my expression. I find the key in thinking about the opportunity that you have managed to obtain and enjoying to the fullest the last 100 meters before the finish line.

Was being a model a decision or more of a coincidence? And what lead you to continue this path?
My first approach to this world was during Covid. I came across a street casting agency, and shortly after they contacted me for my very first Polaroids. Before this moment, I never imagined what it meant to be a model and become part of this system that is very far removed from my small-town reality. So yes, I would call it a fortuitous coincidence. To date, I’m satisfied that I accepted and got involved. This path has allowed me to express myself, and to leave my comfort zone by introducing me to new people and realities, but also aspects of my character. Who on earth could’ve convinced me to wear a miniskirt and a pair of heels? (Laughs, E.D.).


Dress Miu Miu // Dress Prada – Earrings Louis Vuitton

What fascinates you most about fashion? Would you like to play other roles in this world?
I discovered fashion through this work, even if my point of view is certainly different, as I only see one of the last steps of the creative process. I remain fascinated by how my studies of Contemporary Architecture have suddenly crossed paths with the world of fashion. The way of conceiving an idea is very similar, just on different scales.

How would you define your style? Do you have any fashion icons that inspire you? I ask myself the same question every morning in front of the mirror.
Since style truly evolves with the person, at the moment I feel like I’m in the process of great change and self-discovery, without a precise term to describe it. I get a lot of inspiration from what I see on the street and, why not, also from what I wear during some shooting, trying to imitate the styling or silhouette of certain garments.

Dress Acne Studios  Bag Biagini – Sneakers New Balance x Miu Miu – Socks Miu Miu // Coat Loro Piana – Top and Slip Oséree Earrings Louis Vuitton

What do you think are the characteristics recruiters look for in a model?
Height is half of beauty. Initially, it’s thought that the only measurement is physical appearance, but that is not enough. Although starting a career as a model has become more accessible today, one searches for the right face, the right character, without stopping either at ‘objective beauty’ or at the ‘particular’, once again everyone’s story has certainly acquired value.

What do you like most about being a model and what were the obstacles you faced as a model?
I consider myself an introverted person. We tend to overlook the sacrifices, the doors in our faces and the many times we are faced with a ‘no’. All of this requires a lot of mental effort. However, being part of modeling has helped my self-esteem and the way I find myself facing obstacles. In the beginning, I was always a little afraid before a job, but then I saw the results, I got to know myself better, and my potential, and I gained confidence. Learning to accept defeats, and giving space to more or less constructive criticism, is certainly a great achievement.


Dress Miu Miu – Earrings Louis Vuitton // Coat Loro Piana – Earrings Louis Vuitton

What do you think should be a change of direction regarding the world of fashion?
The process of environmental and social sustainability is certainly one of the most important topics of recent years. But I think that fashion has the task, and the role, of spreading awareness among consumers, leading them to purchase consciously and encouraging them to increasingly explore the world of second-hand. Shortening the duration of a trend could certainly be a good start.

What do you think about having more inclusive bodies and queer models within fashion shows and shootings? How can fashion shows be made more inclusive so that everyone feels represented?
Inclusion in the fashion field certainly helps us to strengthen inclusion in society and to give voice to slightly more difficult issues if addressed through more politicized channels. This is why I absolutely agree, so that we move from superficial gestures to sustainable changes, without limiting ourselves to a temporary marketing aspect. For this reason, I think it is important to be aware of the risk that inclusiveness could lead to a ‘temporary trend’, as a sort of greenwashing. The representation must therefore be authentic and not focus on a single aesthetic.