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Frames – Eva Komuwes

Photographer Nicolò Parsenziani – Fashion Editor Matteo Greco – Art Director Sara Ferraris – Model Eva Komuwes at Special – Makeup by Andrea Severino Sailis at Blend Management – Hair by Alessia Bonotto at Blend Management – Casting by Isadora Banaudi – Set Design Cristiano Rizzo – Photography Assistant Davide Lionello and Beatrice Zito  – Fashion Assistant Roberto Strumolo, Martina Roversi and Luca Rosei – Interview by Federica Romano // Dress Valentino Boots Givenchy // Coat Alanui – Sweater Andrea Adamo // Coat Missoni – Dress Marni – Shirt Sportmax – Bra Andrea Adamo – Trousers Acne Studios – Shoes Blumarine

Coat Givenchy – Jumpsuit and Rings Missoni – Shoes Kiton – Gloves Durazzi  // Dress Valentino – Boots Givenchy

Eva, your journey in the world of fashion has been remarkable. Can you share how your experiences have shaped your perception of femininity and how it’s portrayed in the industry?

I’ve never thought of myself as beautiful, I knew I wasn’t ugly but I never really owned my beauty. After my first season, I started to realise beauty comes from so many different places, I feel like my feminine side just started to grow.

As a model, you’ve represented various brands and styles like Versace, Tom Ford, The Attico, and Dior. How do you manage to maintain your unique identity while adapting to different fashion aesthetics and ideals?

It’s easy to manage because I enjoy it so much. I loved being the cute girl, a baddie I love to transform into every kind of character, coming from my dancing past.


Coat Bally – Dress Marco Rambaldi – Trousers Palm Angels – Boots Givenchy // Jacket MSGM – Bra Andrea Adamo – Trouser and Shoes Givenchy – Rings Missoni

Diversity is a topic of growing importance in the fashion world. How do you believe it can be further embraced?

I personally think that it’s slowly going in the right direction, the younger generation is more open. I think everyone should focus on themselves and not judge other people by their looks.

Body positivity has become a central theme in recent years. How do you personally promote body positivity, both in your career and your own life?

Body positivity has always been important to me. First, you have to love yourself and accept the way you look and the things that you can’t change about your body. I promote it by showing people that it’s okay to be different.

Dress Missoni – Trousers David Koma – Shoes Blumarine // Coat MSGM – Bra Andrea Adamo – Trousers Sportmax – Shoes Givenchy

Self-esteem is a fundamental aspect of individual well-being. Could you share some strategies, or experiences, that’ve contributed to your self-esteem and confidence?

I don’t think there are strategies for that, you need to focus on yourself and try to grow as a person so your self-esteem will grow as well.

The journey to self-acceptance is one that many individuals can relate to. What advice can you give to those who are working towards greater self-acceptance and self-love?

For the girls, who are struggling with self-love I would say don’t listen to what society tells you.


Jacket Sportmax – Dress Acne Studios – Trousers Jacob Cohen – Shoes Blumarine – Earrings Missoni

In the competitive world of fashion, how do you maintain a healthy work-life balance while staying true to your values?

I don’t think about it as a competition, I stopped looking at girls as my rivals, we are all just trying our best. I stay true to myself by respecting others and never forgetting where I came from.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for your career and the messages you hope to convey through your work in the future

The reason I started modeling was to challenge myself in life, to not take the easy road all the time. I hope that one day I can inspire people, to do the same.