The Greatest #11 –
The Crash

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Together with artists, singers and designers, Dries Van Noten, a member of the Antwerp Six, has given voice to The Greatest #11’s theme. Discover our interviews to Andrea Pompilio, White Lies, Virgilio Villoresi and many more on The Greatest #11 – The Crash Issue.

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Belgian designer Dries Van Noten is one of the creative minds who’ve helped us to portray the clash between different worlds and cultures for The Greatest #11. In his words, ‘I’m well aware of it, especially in times like these, when calling the reality that surrounds us ”odd” is almost an oversimplification. This automatically translates in the clothes I design. My goal is certainly not to create collections that speak about events in society, but at the same time I cannot prevent that from happening. It’s like an unintentional form of journalism, because the most important thing for me still is to surprise people, to give them what they don’t expect’. The Crash Issue features our conversations with Andrea Pompilio, White Lies, Giovanni Soldini, Giovanni Leonardo Bassan, Virgilio Villoresi and much more, discover it now!