The Greatest #4 –
The Infinity


Here it is the Greatest #4 dedicated to Infinity!
Learn more about Christophe Lemaire, Umberto Maria Giardini, Jonathan Wilson and many other interviewees!

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Here’s the issue of The Greatest dedicated to Infinity. This particular issue features our interviews to many different creatives, such as Brendan Mullane, Christophe Lemaire, Vittorio Storaro, Umberto Maria Giardini, Jonathan Wilson and Fratelli De Serio. ‘Infinity might also be people playing horns or saxophones, mainly when they are following the principle of circular breathing, when you play a note by breathing in or out of your instrument, and this note can go on forever’, said Jonathan Wilson, commenting on The Greatest #4’s theme. What’re you waiting for? Immerse yourself in The Greatest #4 – The Infinity Issue right now!

Alessandro Dal Buoni – Cristina Capucci
Lowe H Seger – Massimo Pamparana
Paolo Zerbini – Sybille Walter