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Acqua di Parma – Arancia La Spugnatura

The Rejuvenating Power of Nature
Acqua di Parma’s Eau de Toilette ‘Arancia La Spugnatura’


The Rejuvenating Power of Nature

As caring and affectionate as a summer morning


He made his way down the narrow, steep stairs leading down to the sea. The village was still sleeping, except for the cicadas that greeted him with their monotonous song. The captivating aroma of tangy citrus, and warm, savoury cypresses, filled the air. The vibrant scents together with the sea breeze awoke all his senses when he took a deep breath.  The shore was nestled in-between steep cliffs that dramatically dived into the ocean. The pebble beach was warm against his naked feet that cautiously made their way toward the shoreline. The sun was peeking through the horizon, uniting the sky and sea into an abstract painting.  He broke the sea surface and his body was submerged into the crystal clear water. It was a moment when worries dissipated, and the beauty of nature brought solace and unity. In that moment of weightlessness, time seemed to stand still.  He swam out and looked back at the vibrant colours of the landscape; from the azure Mediterranean to the pastel-washed buildings with wild wisteria clinging onto the walls. Making a beautiful backdrop when the fiery orb began its ascent, casting its golden rays across the shore.  The towel he brought with him wasn’t useful, since the salty water dried quickly on the warm, sunburnt skin. The way up the stairs would normally be exhausting, but revived by nature, he didn’t mind. Filled with gratitude, he carried the serenity of the tranquil morning within him, embracing the promise of joy, connection, and the timeless beauty that awaited him in each passing day. This was his moment, a moment he’d carry with him forever.  

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Credits: Art Direction by Sara Ferraris / Text by Oliver Dahle / Photo by Letizia Le Fur