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Short essay inspired by BDK Parfums’ Eau de Parfum ‘Gris Charnel’.

Your mind is a wonderful woman

An invitation to get out of the ruins within your fondest memories and start making new glorious ones!


Have you been thinking a lot lately, how time seems to run so fast when you’re young? You can feel it in your hair falling out, crashing through your teeth, dripping away from your body in the form of sweat or tears. What bothers you the most is that you never get the chance to vividly feel present in the moments you’re living. The ones you so easily take for granted are going to turn into your sweetest memories, but they’re already gone before you’ve figured it out.

I sense you’re worried about how this is going to end, dreaming away your afternoons and all your sleepless nights. You spent your teenage years trying to turn your life into a work of art, but all that’s left is a bunch of scars and the vague reminiscence of a smell that once felt like home. Stop pretending you can’t see and take a look at yourself: you’re not the person you were five minutes ago, nor the one you’ll be five minutes from now. You’re constantly evolving into someone new.

Don’t be afraid of your magnificence, explore every inch of yourself – aren’t you monumental? Isn’t your body an architecture? Think of it as the shrine of your multitudes. Celebrate the ambiguity of your existence, let your sadness melt into some fresher feeling, turn off the lights in your room and dance the grief away. Take care of your mind, she’s a wonderful woman. Play for her the music that makes you feel free. Don’t let the past haunt you, don’t be frightened of what’s still to come: rejoice at what’s happening right now, because it’s happening to you. You, yourself is the one you’ll always be with.


Credits: Text by Stefano Riboldi / Photo Leonardo Bornati / Model-Dancer Travis Knight