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Nishane – Tempfluo

Short essay inspired by Nishane’s Extraict de Parfum “Tempfluo”


In The Blink Of An Eye

We tend to refer to time as something we can buy, spend, waste, and gain, as if we had some kind of control over it. But actually, it’s the other way around. Just let yourself go and follow its flow, if you really want to fly.


‘These really are uncertain times’, Henry whispered a little worried to his cat, after turning off the news. A cold shiver down his back made him slightly tremble and snuggle up on the velvet armchair, where he was enjoying a steamy cup of Earl Grey, all wrapped up in his favourite cashmere sweater. He let his gaze wander around the room and suddenly found himself thinking: ‘When was the last time I could reflect, contemplate peacefully?’. With his kind of lifestyle, he never could – bursting with energy, travelling a lot, meeting new people, collecting love affairs, Henry was always on the go. All of a sudden a big realisation hit him hard, like the freezing water when one dives into the ocean. It was his birthday. Man, time really flies. It does it as peacefully as a bright blue butterfly flitting among citrus trees: unbothered, free and charming as a collection piece. ‘Can one capture time, though?’, Henry wondered. ‘Then again, why would one?’. Time allows things to constantly change and life to move on. How thrilling is that! This way, everything stays on the same level, equal, because time affects us all. In a blink of an eye, a certain sense of liberation inebriated Henry. What he’d perceived as an uncertain and scary future before was now transforming into something different. Finally, he could fly through life as lightly and gracefully as that butterfly.


Credits: Still Life Art Direction by Sara Ferraris / Text by Francesco Dossi/ Photo by Filippo Barbero