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Penhaligon – Highgrove Bouquet

A Summer Love Daze
Short Essay Inspired by Penhaligon’s Eau de Parfum ‘Highgrove Bouquet’


A Summer Love Daze

I take a deep breath in and tell myself to breathe. I’m standing, making proper small talk as I attend a royal tea party in a majestic English garden. 


It’s overwhelming at times, I need a moment to myself. When no one is watching, I slip away through the Italian-inspired arches covered in flourishing greenery. As I walk further, I see the abundance of bright colours in the seasonal flowers, all aligned perfectly in landscapes. The old walls are covered in espaliered fruit trees, where I smell and can practically taste the crispness of a sweet, tangy, juicy apple. In the far corner, I discover a serene lily pond with a statue in the middle. I go to admire it. I reach down to feel the pond water, a jolt of coolness hits my fingers, the refreshing sensation calms and centers me…Just as I decide I should probably head back, a deep low sensual voice startles me. As I turn and stand up, I’m instantly intoxicated in a scent of subtle floral; lavender, geranium and notes of musk, cedarwood, and tuberose. It’s a lovely summery aroma. I quietly gasp, as I land on the most handsome gentleman I’ve ever seen; a glistening tan illuminates his strong jawline, sparkling white smile and mesmerising light blue and green-tinted eyes. I’m captivated…‘breathe’. He makes a witty comment about the statue, and this flirtatious small talk goes on for a while. I wait for him to ask for my name or phone number. After some time, I realise I really ought to get back to the party, as it wouldn’t be very lady-like to be found moseying around the gardens alone with a gentleman at a royal tea party – it’d start a scandal neither of us could afford! I say my proper goodbyes, while wishing one day to meet his presence again. I turn to walk away, but he stops me, brushing his smooth hand down my arm to link my fingers to his. As I finally slip away, I can faintly hear him ask: ‘What’s your name?’. I quickly reply before I’m gone out of sight; ‘Victoria’. I can smell the musk and floral scent left behind on my arm. I’m in a summer love daze the rest of the day.

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Credits: Still Life Art Direction by Sara Ferraris / Text by Chelsea McPartlon / Photo by Enrico Smerilli