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The Age of Discovery


Off-White’s Eau de Parfum ‘Solution No.1


The Age of Discovery

A treasure chest concealing the dreams of an intrepid explorer gets discovered and opened, evoking his very first sail boat journey. Amongst winds and waves, he discovers earth’s shores and lets their sand and woods leave a precious keepsake.


It was early in the morning, his watch read 6AM and he couldn’t sleep anymore. When Ferdie decided to get up and head towards the stern, the sun was just about to rise. He felt thrilled for the first docking of the trip. The wind on the stern was intense and crisp. He sat leaning against the base of the deck, while ravenously biting a citrus fruit. Scanning the horizon with utmost attention, he glimpsed distant outlines. Outlines of chimeric images and of renewed desires. Ferdie’s mind had the power and imagination to draw new lands in the air, suspended between his dreams and the inexorable passing of time. But what he was describing wasn’t only a mere fantasy that time. The ship was finally approaching the so anticipated and promised land, and Ferdie was finally able to listen to the pounding of the waves on the beach. The winds were carrying fractional grains of sand, permeating the air with its earthy traces. The seashore was closer than ever, rushing our seaman to furl the sails and get ready to disembark. He dipped one toe in the water, then the other, and in the blink of an eye he reached the dry sand. The warm grains adapted their shape and welcomed Ferdie’s body, hugging his bare skin, while pervading it with their scent.


Credits: Art Direction by Sara Ferraris / Text by Giorgia Feroldi / Photo by Enrico Smerilli