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Marsèll , Dry Garden & Wet Movables


Marsèll, Dry Garden & Wet Movables

Marsèll has partnered up with Berlin-based studio Gonzalez Haase AAS:object:project to do a solo exhibition for Milan Design Week 2024. Combining lighting, architecture, and scenography in the most magical way. Their partnership is a continuity of this language and post-industrial scope shaping the identity of Milan. A play and sense of urgency between miraculous beautiful things paired with very architectural spaces. The exhibition asks you to explore your mind, as you experience the ‘Dry Garden & Wet Movables’ in the Via Paullo space. Where benches stretch to the extreme, plants sprout from aluminum towers, and an infinity of light shines non-stop, in an installation featuring large fans and paper confetti. That’s not all. In the Marsèll Milano Spiga flagship store, you can live the ‘Leaf Paravent’ experience, with modulus arranged to an architectural scale into the leather covering. The theme is central, less is always more yet challenging, and different. The exhibition of both spaces is on view from April 14th, 2024 to May 10th, 2024. Visit them now!

Immagine 2

Can one be utterly beautiful in a jarring setting? And can you transform what you’re
seeing into something magical yourself? These are the questions and spaces that’ll
challenge just that. Discover the exhibition Marsèll has worked on with Gonzalez
Haase AAS:object:project right now!

Credits: Text by Chelsea McPartlon – Photos by Tiziano Demuro