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Talking Heads – Willow Barrett

Photographer Emilia Staugaard – Fashion Editor Steven Huang – Model Willow Barrett at Next Models London – Grooming by Hiroki Kojima at Caren Agency using Sam Mcknight – Fashion Assistant Damini Rehal – Special Thanks to Sam Haste and Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Sweater JW Anderson

What’s the top thing on your bucket list?
To drive across America and write about and document my experience. I want to truly understand the place, even if it’s mostly vast empty space. To me America is fascinating, coming from London where everything is so old, America feels so untouched, with so many varying climates and landscapes with some of the oldest infrastructure dating back to only the early 1900s. Which makes it somewhat of a clean slate, a new world, and for this reason a huge source of inspiration for me.
Sunset or sunrise?
I love to sit and watch the sunset, whether it be from my local park or rooftop looking down over the city. But there’s something so personal about a sunrise, Something so innocent and beautiful isolating but, magnificent. 

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Coat Ami – Shirt Ambush – Hat OFFC // Total Look Celine Homme

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the modelling industry thus far?
The biggest challenge I’ve had to face in my career was without a doubt the covid pandemic, and the challenges that this brought affecting my freedom of movement. I was stuck in New York for a year and a half. Although there are arguably worse places to be stuck, in my chosen home at the time, I didn’t feel like a tourist. However, not being able to leave and see family (due to the risk of not being able to reenter) made it a difficult time, somewhat cut off from the rest of the world, and yet at the same time in the centre of the world.
Do you find there’s enough diversity in modelling and the fashion world? And what would you change about it, if anything?
I think diversity has always been present in the fashion world, but the extent of which has changed in recent years. In my experience, there has always been the presence of diversity among the jobs I’ve worked on over the years. What has changed is how brands choose to market themselves. Brands who were previously (for lack of a better word) whitewashed, are now taking a good look at themselves.

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Total Look Dior Men // Jacket Acne Studios – Sweater Wood Wood – Shirt MM6 Maison Margiela 

Are you conscious of the environment when you shop?
Most of my clothes (about 80%), come from thrift shops in NYC, mostly in Brooklyn, which was home for 2 years. Some of those clothes are from designer labels, some are from labels you have never heard of. When I enter a thrift or charity shop, I have tunnel vision: I need a suit. I need a shirt. I need a pair of jeans. Therefore I always leave with something I needed, rather than a bunch of junk I wanted.
When you’re cleaning out your closet, what do you do with your clothes that no longer fit? Do you donate or sell these items?
Well, I stopped growing at 14 years old. So for this reason, I still own many of the pieces I used to wear when I was younger. I don’t always wear them, and I don’t tend to hoard things that have no sentimental value, however I find myself rediscovering pieces that for a while I stopped wearing, but now I’m wearing them again and feels like a window into the past, infused with the years of experience I now carry on my shoulders, giving the clothes more meaning than they had before. Even if they are falling apart, missing buttons or broken zips, if I once loved them, they’ll always have a place in my wardrobe. The only time I have gotten rid of things was
to sell on grailed or depop things that I realised I wouldn’t miss, but were worth the effort of selling.

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Jacket, Shirt and Skirts Louis Vuitton // Jacket, Shorts and Trousers Givenchy – Sweater Isabel Marant – Necklace Bysarachristie

Sailboat or speedboat?
I’m not so well versed in boating, and as fun as ripping through the sea on a speed boat sounds, I kinda prefer the idea of relaxing on a smooth sailing boat with friends, a cooler full of beers and food.
Although I’ve never actually done this, but would like to.
What’s your favourite song?
I’ve been fluctuating between Rock and Roll/Psychedelic Rock and Jazz. I listen to Jazz to contemplate, to brood, to write, to read. My favourite Jazz pieces are ‘Lotus Blossom’ by Duke Ellington and ‘Patricia’ by Art Pepper. But if I were to have to give a one all time favourite song, I’d say one that never gets old for me is ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd.

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Coat John Lawrence Sullivan – Sweater Wood Wood – Trousers Ferragamo – Shoes Ami – Armbrands MM6 Maison Margiela //Top and Jacket Acne Studios – Necklace Sweet Lime Juice