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Talking Heads – Aaron Shandel

Shot by Genís Mitjans – Stylist Carlota Puncernau – Model Aaron Shandel at View Management – Grooming Mabel Boon – Set Designer Ebru Demjrcj – Styling Assistant Elisa Serra – Interview by Marco Martello

New or recycled?
Recycled! We’ve made enough stuff already.
What do you have for lunch on a Sunday?
Something from ‘Merles Schnitz’, a traditional sandwich shop in Cape Town. The sauce they use is truly addictive.
Running in the park or training in the gym?
Neither, to be honest with you. I love to surf, though!
What’s the snack you loved as a kid?
Peanut butter sandwiches dipped in rooibos tea.
Vintage or straight from the catwalk?
Vintage! I’m working on an exciting project at the moment, look out for Brokenfly!
How did you first get into modeling?
I was scouted, in Cape Town, by a photographer while surfing.
London or New York City?
New York City, it just hits different.


Total Look Kenzo // Total Look Dries Van Noten – Shoes Martinelli – Scarf and Socks Stylist’s Own

If you weren’t a model, what would you be?
Hopefully I’d be doing similar things to what I’m currently doing, maybe I’d be more focused on university though…
Reading or watching Netflix?
How would you describe your personal style?
Well, I’d say minimalistic with some added flare.
Skateboard or electronic scooter?
Is there a trend you’d wish it stayed a thing of the past?
Can I say Instagram?
How do you dress for a date? What about castings?
I dress in the same way for both. After all, a casting is pretty much a date with a slightly different ending! A good plain T-shirt, a nice pair of jeans and crocs.
Is there a thing you had to wear for a job that you wished you could bring home?
There’s way too many to list, I’d definitely love some Tom Ford glasses and a Brunello Cucinelli suit.


Suit Shoop – White and Black Shirts Calvin Klein – Shoes Martinelli // Total Look Louis Vuitton

What’s the most common misconception about modeling?
That you get to keep all the clothes!
Do you have any advice for those who want to start a career in the fashion industry?
Always stay true to yourself, don’t try too hard and have confidence in your abilities.
What’s your favourite perfume?
Hermès’ ‘Terre d’Hermès’.
What’s your relationship with social networks?
Well, it’s complicated. I pretend that I don’t care about it, but I spend hours on social media every day. Anyhow, I’m slowly learning to take it less seriously.
How do you deal with online criticism?
I enjoy criticism and, if it’s constructive, I love to try and learn from it!
What’s your favourite song?
‘Vossi Bop’ by Stormzy.


Total Look Dries Van Noten – Shoes Martinelli – Scarf and Socks Stylist’s Own