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Talking Heads – Abdoulaye Diop

Shot by Raul Ruz – Fashion Editor Ricky Van Gils – Model Abdoulaye Diop at The Claw – Hair by Laurie Boucher – Producer Mathieu Laratte – Production Coordinator Mercè Dauder – Photography Assistant Jakob Mueller – Fashion Assistant Sundy Chun – Interview by Giorgia Feroldi

Wireless or wired headphones?
I really appreciate wireless headphones, I don’t know how I managed to live most of my life being plugged to my phone, or laptop. I can now go out for runs, or ride my bike, without being restrained by wires. Despite this, I’m still using wired headphones for gaming, since it bothers me to have to recharge them every now and then.
What’s your favourite fashion era?
I’d say the era we’re in right now. I can easily identify myself in these new waves, mixing classics from streetwear with high fashion.
What’s an immediate red flag in a friendship?
As an introvert, I’ve been struggling to socialise lately. I’ve had long periods of just trying to be alone, and a lot of people don’t understand that feeling. So, when it starts to get too invasive, or toxic, I’m just out of the friendship. I also have a lot of respect for people who understand this, or at least take the time to understand.


Jacket, Polo, Shorts, Trousers and Belt Prada – Socks Anonymous Ism – Shoes Vans // Shirt and Trousers Giorgio Armani – Socks Anonymous Ism – Shoes Vans

What’s the most desirable quality a model should possess?
Curiosity and interest in discovering new activities, notions, or experiences through this vocation. I always keep in mind my first impressions on a job, and try to remind myself what I’ve learnt.
What’s your favourite childhood memory?
When I was about five years old, one of my uncles, who lived in Italy, came to visit us in Dakar. He gifted my brother and me AC Milan football shirts, and this gift really affected me and my childhood. In a short time, I became a huge football fan and was able to discover lots of other disciplines, including basketball, which I practiced for 5 years. It even allowed me to travel for summer camps.
Which do you prefer: physical books or e-books?
I’ve never been able to read an e-book, I think there’s too much distraction, for me, to fully commit and concentrate on reading. It’s pretty much the same thing with music, I believe we don’t fully understand and listen to music with streaming platforms. It’s become so simple and casual, almost mechanical. This is precisely the reason why I bought a turntable last year. I wanted music to become an activity on its own, like reading.


Jacket and Shorts Fendi – Socks Anonymous Ism – Shoes Vans // Coat, Top and Trousers Zegna – Shoes Vans

If you could choose to live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
It’d be home. Somewhere in Senegal’s countryside, far from pollution, far from the stress of living in a city and where I’ll rarely be bothered. I hope this will be as late as possible in my life, because I have a lot to discover and learn in our world right now.
What’s your favourite song?
‘Une main lave l’autre’ from Alpha Wann’s eponymous first album. He proceeds to a retrospection on his life as a young person starting with his childhood, being very critical of his past behaviour. He gives the impression of regretting a lot of actions, and it also shows that he’s matured through the years. A highlight for me: ‘My life is shot, I’m the shooter, what a shame. I have little bros, I must get off the wrong path and God keep them, yeah. Who is this stranger in the bathroom mirror? I know that this loser will still be there tomorrow’. He’s known in France to be an excellent songwriter, and I think what I must retain from this song is that: ‘one hand washes the other, and the two come together to wash the face’. So, we must decrypt our past, in order to wash our faces and live a bright future.


Coat Brioni – Trousers Dries Van Noten // Shirt and Shorts Dries Van Noten – Socks Anonymous Ism – Shoes Vans