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Talking Heads – Abdul Conteh

Shot by Boris Lutters at Czar – Fashion Editor Benjamin Aerts at EE Agency – Model Abdul Conteh at The Movement Models – Grooming by Jody Cuberli at House Of Orange – Photographer Assistant Martijn Kuyvenhoven – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Knitwear Marni

What’s your biggest form of self-expression?
My biggest form of self-expression is through my fashion style and art. Because I feel like my fashion style comes from my creativity/imagination.
What do your eyes gravitate towards when you first see a person?
My eyes/mind gravitate immediately to someone’s eyes. I feel that’s the portal through someone’s soul.
Beer or wine?
I don’t drink but If I had to choose I guess wine (Laughs, E.D).


Suit Camiel Fortgens – Cardigan and Flip Flops Avoidstreet // Above Jacket Camiel Fortgens – Cardigan Avoidstreet / Below Jacket Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus – Vest and Shirt Camiel Fortgens

Netflix or in-person movies?
In-person movies definitely, I feel like the energy is completely different when many people are looking at the same thing.
What’s your favourite motivational quote?
My favourite quote is: Be the energy you want to attract.


Knitwear Marni // Vest and Skirt Camiel Fortgens – Flip Flops Avoidstreet

What’s the best-kept secret about fashion week as a model?
That I choose to keep it a best kept secret (Smiles, ED).
What’s you favourite song?
One of my favourite songs is ‘Territory’ by The Blaze.


Turtleneck Maison Margiela – Shorts and Flip Flops Avoidstreet // Scarf Camiel Fortgens – Trousers MSGM – Flip Flops Avoidstreet