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Talking Heads – Aslan Tsallati

Shot by Giuseppe Triscari – Fashion Editor Simone Rutigliano – Model Aslan Tsallati at I Love Models Management – Makeup by Andrea Severino Sailis at Blend Management – Hair by Daniele Falzone at Blend Management – Casting by Isadora Banaudi – Photography Assistants Michael Minelli and Bhagya Gaikwad – Fashion Assistants Simona La Via and Gabriela Fin – Location Dep Art Gallery – Artist Valerio Adami – Interview by Marco Martello

How do you get ready for a photo shoot?
First of all, I have a look at the team working on the project. Then I make sure I both go to bed early and get up early the next morning. When I wake up, I turn on my playlist to charge myself with good energy and eventually get ready for the day ahead.
Do you have a motto?
Live life to the fullest!
When’s the last time you cried?
Three weeks ago (no comment).


Total Look Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello // Total Look Gucci

What’s your flirting technique?
I don’t flirt very often, and I never do it on purpose. Only if there’s a mutual spark!
How do you like your pizza?
Margherita, or with a meat topping.
What’s your least favourite body part? How about the one you like most?
There’s no part of my body I don’t really like. My favourite are my collarbones, arms, and ankles.


Coat and Trousers Jil Sander – T-Shirt Acne Studios – Shorts Fila – Boots Valentino // Total Look Gucci

What’re you thinking about when walking down the catwalk?
Most of the time, I’m just happy.
What’s your favourite song?
It depends on the mood. I’ve got plenty of favourite songs…


Above Coat Loewe – Below Shorts Prada // Total Look Prada