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Talking Heads – Axel Jaubert

Photographer camillariccardo Studio – Fashion Editor Matteo Greco – Model Axel Jaubert at The Claw – Grooming by Gianluca Grechi at Blend Management – Casting Isadora Banaudi – Photographer Assistant Martina Rossi – Fashion Assistants Martina Roversi and Roberto Strumolo – Interview by Marco Martello // Polo  Tommy Hilfiger – Shirt  Aspesi

What’s your first fashion-related memory? 
My first memory related to fashion is probably the first time I went to Milan a month after my agent scouted me in Bordeaux. I went there, and it was a crazy experience for me: everything looked so big and cool, I realised then how lucky I am to be a model.
Can you tell us what you feel like when you’re posing in front of the camera?
The feeling I get when I’m posing is more of a mood, I try to imagine myself in the lens of the camera and figure out what pose can fit well with my look.


Cardigan Acne Studios – Shirt CP Company – Boxer Shorts MSGM – Tie  Corneliani – Shoes  Sebago // Shirt Acne Studios

Who was your teenage crush?
The only crush I can remember is Gigi Hadid. I saw her in New York staring in a Tommy Hilfiger campaign, and I couldn’t help but stare at the picture and think she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.
Can you give us a piece of advice on how to avoid a fashion faux pas?
eah definitely, I have some advice to give. For example, don’t wear more than three colours, or try to play as much as possible with shapes. Although, fashion doesn’t have any rules nowadays. So, just try to be creative and feel good in the clothes you wear. Even if some people don’t like it, just wear what you feel like.


Polo Tommy Hilfiger – Shirt  Aspesi – Trousers Paul Smith // Suit Acne Studios – Polo Aspesi – Sunglasses Balmain – Shoes Tommy Hilfiger

How do you celebrate your birthday
 I wanted.I’m not a huge fan of big parties, but my last birthday party was on the top of a building in Seoul with a friend of mine. We just talked about life until 6:00AM, and I really enjoyed myself.
What’s your least favourite food?
The food I can’t stand to eat is Brussels sprouts, even just the smell makes me feel sick. That’s the first one that comes to my mind, but I’m really difficult with food, so the list is quite long actually.


Cardigan Acne Studios – Shirt CP Company – Boxer Shorts MSGM – Tie  Corneliani – Shoes  Sebago // Jacket Sandro – Shirt Tommy Jeans – Shorts Aspesi – Tie Corneliani – Sunglasses  Akoni

Who, or what, do you thing of before going to sleep?
The person who helps me fall asleep is my girlfriend. I just think of having a nice day out with her.

What’s your favourite song?
My favourite song of all time is: ‘Where Is My Mind?’ by The Pixies. It always puts me in a good mood!



Jacket Paul Smith – Shirt Acne Studios – Shorts Bonsai //  Cardigan and Shorts Tommy Hilfiger – Shirt Aspesi – Tie MSGM – Shoes Tommy Jeans