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Talking Heads – Bano Sow

Shot by Alessandro Oliva – Fashion Editor Matteo Greco – Model Bano Sow at Elite – Hair Luigi Morino at Close Up using Deciem – Makeup Giorgia Savaglio at Close Up – Casting Director Isadora Banaudi // Jacket Tagliatore 

New or recycled?
What’s your spirit animal?
A lion.
Skateboard or push scooter?
Push scooter.
Are you into reading?
Just a little.
What do you have for breakfast?
An egg sandwich.
Are you into playing sports?
Yes, I am. I like football!


Jacket Tagliatore – Trousers MSGM – Shoes Sandro // Shirt and Trousers Davi – Turtleneck Sandro – Necklace N°21

How would you describe your personal style?
‘Elegant’, as I really like to dress up.
What’s in your suitcase?
My clothes, laptop and tablet.
Do you have any style-related advice on how to stand out from the crowd?
Just wear what you feel like wearing.
Is there a trend you’d wish it stayed a thing of the past?
No, not really.
How did you first get into modeling?
A friend of mine organized a meeting with a booker.
If you weren’t a model, what would you be?
I’d be a football player.


Coat Canali – Shirt and Boots Acne Studios – Turtleneck Roy Roger’s

What’s your favourite pastime?
Watching films, playing football and eating out with friends.
If your life was a movie. Who would play you?
I have no clue…
As there are lots of misconceptions about modeling, I’d like to ask you what the best (and worst) part of your job really is.
I just started modeling. So far, so good!
What’s your relationship with social networks? How do you deal with online criticism?
I don’t respond to online criticism, really.
What’s your favourite song?


Shirt Davi – Turtleneck Sandro – Necklace N°21 // Suit Andrea Pompilio – Turtleneck and Shoes Sandro