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Talking Heads – Cyryl Smolenski

Shot by Genís Mitjans – Fashion Editor Veronica Ruggeri – Model Cyryl Smolenski at Embassy Models – Grooming by Io Van Helsing – Art Eloi Jornet at On Set Studio // Shirt Mantelería

What was your very first job as a model? What were your feelings towards it?
I’ve been lucky. My first modeling job was, in 2018, at a Saint Laurent showroom in Paris. I felt really overwhelmed at first: I was just some lower-class young man from Poland, who suddenly found himself walking into a Parisian showroom, at one of the top seasonal fashion events, surrounded by some of the highest level people in the business. I even got to see Salma Hayek up close, as she was among the attendees. It opened my eyes to a whole new world, which was previously unimaginable to me. Right there, I realised that I had to make the most of it.
Do you like your name? Is it linked to a particular person before you or does it have another origin?
I love it, even though it’s never easy to explain the correct
pronunciation to someone who doesn’t come from Eastern Europe. It’s not linked to anyone in my family. My parents, who were hipsters before hip was cool, were choosing between two highly unpopular names at the time, as they did for all of their children. Fate decided on the name I have, since I was born on March 18th, which is a name day for “Cyryl”.
A smell that reminds you of home.
Freshly ground coffee in the morning.
What’s your recurring dream?
I’ve been having lots of spider-themed nightmares recently. I have no idea where they come from, as I’m not an arachnophobe.


Blazer Burberry – Trousers COS // Blanket Mantelería


If you had to decide, would you choose to change your past or control your future?
I’ve seen enough science fiction to know how messing with the past ends up. Besides, having a good memory of the past is exactly what allows us to control our future.
Is there a movie, or a book, that marked your life in some way?
I’d say ‘Californication’, the TV series. I don’t have a good answer as to why, but that show always speaks to me on a deeper emotional level. I think it taught me a lot about growth and self- acceptance in general. I always go back to watch it when I don’t feel like myself.
Right now, what point in your career do you think you’ve reached?
I’m at the point where I feel confident being a professional model and a full-time job is no longer an issue. I’ve got agencies all over the world now, there’s never a time where nothing is coming up anymore.
Do you have a secret diary where you put down your thoughts?
I’ve always strived to be emotionally and intellectually honest with the people dear to me, so I don’t need a secret diary. It probably wouldn’t be worth remembering the thoughts that might be written in there.
Who’s the first person you call when you get good or bad news?
My girlfriend.
Would you ever go bungee jumping?
Just waiting for an excuse.
Do you like gardening? Are you any good at it?
I’ve always been terrible with plants. It’s something I definitely want to learn at some point, though.


Trousers COS // Shirt Mantelería

Are you superstitious? Do you have any rituals before a fashion show?
I’m not superstitious, but a morning coffee and a cigarette before any job is a necessity, period. I don’t even smoke anymore, but the ritual must be completed.
What’s your guilty pleasure?
I’m guilty of almost never feeling guilty of pleasure.
Are you a messy or super organised guy?
I’m both, somehow. Everything about me is messy and disorganised: my room is a mess, my class notes are all over the place and I lose things on a weekly basis. However, try to unlock my phone or computer and you’ll never see such a neat digital space.
Tell me the happiest memory from your childhood.
I was, maybe, four years old. My dad, my uncle and I were making a kite and decorating it. It wouldn’t fly in the end, but trying was still plenty of fun.
If you found Aladdin’s lamp, what would you ask for?
Lamps for everyone, sharing is caring.


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