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Talking Heads – Dan Rogers

Shot by Isaac Calpe – Fashion Editor Guillem Chanzá – Art Direction by Lola Berardi and Lola Ybern – Model Dan Rogers at View Management – Grooming by Sandra Martín – Studio My Fucking Studio – Lab Bienbien – Interview by Giorgia Feroldi // Jacket Palomo Spain

Wireless or wired headphones?
Wireless, definitely. They’re more convenient, as wired headphones get tangled up. Plus, when I’m working I like to walk around a lot, so if I’m wearing wired headphones and my phone is on the table, I’m always tripping over myself.
What’s your favourite fashion era?
It has to be the 70’s with punk. I think fashion was more about expressing yourself rather than what was cool, you know? So I’d had to say that, if I had to choose.
What’s an immediate red flag in a friendship?
That’s a tough question. If they talk about themselves too much, that’s an immediate red flag for me. If you’re having a conversation with someone and they spin the conversation always onto themselves, I’d say it’s a red flag.


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Whats the most desirable quality a model should possess?
Confidence! It doesn’t matter how you look, if you’re tall, short, fat, thin. If you’re confident, that’s what the camera likes.
What’s your favourite childhood memory?
When me and my brother were really small, we used to love going to my great- grandparents’ house in Kent, south of England. Opposite of the house, there was a beach and it was like a really shallow sea, so we used to go out miles and leave behind this really stinky horrible mud. We loved getting completely naked and rolling around there for hours, that’s probably my most fun memory of being a kid.
Which do you prefer: physical books or e-books?
I don’t have a preference, so e-books for travelling and physical ones for home.


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If you could choose to live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
As far away from people as I could get. I’d really like to live somewhere like South America, very warm with a lot of things to see and do, lots of nature. But when you start talking about specific countries, you’re asking to pick a social circle rather than a scene. So, I think it depends.
What’s your favourite song?
I can’t say I have a favourite one, if I had a theme song it’d probably be The Wizard by Black Sabbath, because that’s an absolute tune. Plus, I’m pretty weird and I wear funny clothes, and that’s like a big thing in the song…so, yeah.


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