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Talking Heads – Dirt O’Malley

Photographer Massimiliano Gallus at Fisheye Agency – Fashion Editor Roberto Strumolo – Model Dirt O’Malleyat IMG Models – Hair by Davide Marroneat Studio Repossi – Makeup by Alessia Stefáno at Blend Management using FaceD – Casting Director Isadora Banaudi – Photographer Assistant Bianca Beltramello – Interview by Marco Martello // Jacket C.P. Company – Shirt Pence – Shorts Tagliatore – Gloves Extreme Cashmere

Gold or silver?
I don’t really have a preference between gold and silver, I definitely prefer bright red.
What smell takes you back to your childhood?
The smell that most brings me back to my childhood is, of course, the smell of my grandmother’s kitchen every time she makes lunch or dinner. That smell instantly takes me back to those memories.


Jumpsuit Aspesi – Boxer Shorts Stylist’s Own // Shirt Fred Perry – Jacket Roy Roger’s – Shorts Anest Collective – Boots Stylist’s Own

Lace or leather?
I definitely prefer leather, because I really like how I look when I wear it (obviously, fake leather is better).
What’s the number one thing you always procrastinate?
The thing I put off the most is organising my schedule. So many times, because of my disorganisation, I find myself overloaded with commitments and don’t even know why.


Jacket Haider Ackermann + Fila – Polo Shirt Fred Perry – Trousers Darkpark // Total Look Jil Sander

What food makes you feel better when you’re down in the dumps?
The food that makes me feel good when I’m down in the dumps is pasta with carbonara sauce.
What’s the number one thing you don’t like about your work as a model?
Actually, there’s nothing I don’t like about this job. You earn good money, and it’s not tiring. In the past, I worked other jobs that were certainly more tiring.


Total Look Levi’s Red Tab – Belt Lace Extreme Cashmere – Shoes Haider Ackermann + Fila // Total Look Andrea Pompilio

How do you chill out after a job?
To relax after work, I like to listen to and produce music, smoke a cigarette, and prepare a hearty dinner.
What’s your favourite song?
My favourite song is always different, now it’s ‘Landline’ by Binki.certainly more tiring.


Cardigan and Gloves Extreme Cashmere – Shirt Altea – Boots Stylist’s Own