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Talking Heads – Eugenio Lambri

Shot by Lorenzo Fanfani – Fashion Editor Simone Rutigliano – Makeup Lucia Giacomin – Hair Giuseppe Lorusso at Close Up – Casting Director Mattia Marazzi @Cmcasting – Photographer Assistant Mirko Mele’ – Fashion Assistants Andrea Franco, Clara Casale – Location Piranesi 246  //  Shirt And Jacket Marni – Earcuff Versace

How and when did you become a model?
Almost one year ago, I went to Milan for a university ‘open day’. Next to the university’s building, there was a modeling agency. I gave it a go and it worked!
What are your main interests and favourite things?
Shoes, music and baseball.
What were you doing before answering these questions and what will you be doing after?
I was preparing for the photo shoot, after I’ll start modeling!
Describe yourself in one word.
Tell us about your hometown.
It’s a small and quiet city. It’s located near Milan, so it offers everything you may need.
What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
If I don’t have to go to university, I draw and listen to some music.
Among your priorities, what’s the first between all?
Friends and family, but also my health.


Total Look Givenchy

Which do you prefer, to be seen or not to be seen?
I’m very shy, but I really like attention! (Laughs, E.D)
What’s your main source of inspiration?
For sure, music.
Milan or Paris?
Milan, hands down.
Are you scared that time will take away your beauty?
No, I’m not. I enjoy beauty, but for me it’s not the most important thing.
Are you a midnight snack person, or do you follow a diet?
I eat everything I want, but I eat healthy.
What’s your go-to outfit?
T-shirt and sneakers.


Jacket, Shorts and Pouch Fendi – Sweater Andrea Pompilio – Shoes Santoni – Earrings Sunnei

“If hadn’t become a model…”
I’d have continued with university and, maybe, I’d have launched a sneakers brand.
Do you use social media?
Yes, mostly instagram.
Have you ever considered taking a break from social media?
Yes, because I’ve noticed I waste a lot of time on social media.
There’s a travel ticket on the table, for where do you wish it was?
Los Angeles!
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I see myself working on my own sneakers brand or designing for ‘Fear of God’.
What’s your favourite song?
‘Honky Tonk Women’ by The Rolling Stones.


Total Look Prada  //  Total Look Gucci – Necklace Versace