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Talking Heads – Evans Ikechukwu

Shot by Amy Lidgett – Fashion Editor Kyle Scott Lawson – Model Evans Ikechukwu at Milk Management – Grooming by Linus Johansson at W Lab – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Hat and Coat Bethany Williams

What’s your biggest form of self-expression?
I express myself through dancing to the music I love.
What do your eyes and mind gravitate towards when you first see a person?
Well, I’m not used to thinking too much about people, but first I admire their style.
Beer or wine?

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Total Look Mithridate / Total Look Bethany Williams – Shoes Grenson

What’s the first thing you eat after a runway show?
If the show is during the day I rather eat what they have at the show, but if it’s a night I go home to make dinner.
Netflix or in-person movies?
Netflix always.
What’s your favourite motivational quote?
You can’t fly high when people around you keep plucking your feathers.

Coat and Sweater Mithridate / Hat and Coat Bethany Williams – Trousers Mithridate – Shoes Grenson

What’s the best-kept secret about fashion week as a model?
The designers look. As a model, you always have to keep it a secret till it’s been showcased.
What’s your favourite song?
‘Heartbeat’ by Dave Yoo.

Total Look Bethany Williams / Total Look Mithridate – Shoes Grenson