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Talking Heads – Felix Edwards

Shot by Benjamin Tietge – Fashion Editor Julia Luire – Model Felix Edwards at Storm Models – Groomed by Christopher Gatt using EVO – Interviewed by Marco Martello // Top Ann Demeulemeester

New or recycled?
I like to paint on my clothes when I get bored of them.
What’s your spirit animal?
I don’t have one, but I’m a cat guy.
Car or bike?
Bike, I suppose. Just to get that mid-life crisis out of the way early on.
Are you into reading?
Yes, very much so.
What do you have for breakfast?
A piece of toast and an apple, accompanied by a glass of London’s finest tap water. 
Are you into thrift shopping?
Not particularly, shopping makes me anxious. Possibly, due to the loud obnoxious music and heat. 
What’s your favourite garment?
My big black boots, I really like them.


Embroidered Top with bells by Lanvin // Shirt Ludovic De Saint Sernin – Trouser Acne Studios

Has your personal style changed since you started modeling?
No, not really. Maybe, now I think about what I’m going to wear more than I used to. 
What’s that one thing you had to wear for a job and wished you could bring home?
Everything I wear when I work for Vivienne Westwood.
Do you have any style-related advice on how to stand out from the crowd?
Stand out if you want to, but I think that’s an odd way of deciding what to wear. Just dress using your cultural interests and passions as a guide and you’ll feel good.
Any pet peeves?
People chewing with their mouth open, it’s very obnoxious and rude. 
What’s in your suitcase?
I tried to think of something funny for this question, but I’m not very funny. 
Any childhood nicknames?


Total Look Ann Demeulemeester // Blazer Dries Van Noten


What’s your favourite pastime?
Music, hands down.
If your life was a movie. Who would play you?
The Rock.
How did you first get into modeling?
I was scouted through Instagram by Gosha Rubchinskiy.
If you weren’t a model, what would you be? 
What I’m now, a trainee and soon-to-be struggling actor. 
As there are lots of misconceptions about modeling, I’d like to ask you what the best (and worst) part of your job really is.
There are many. The most notable is that you don’t earn much money, as a lot of the work is unpaid. The best part is the traveling and opportunity that comes without any effort. The worst one is the feeling of vast emptiness after being a living coat hanger for ten straight hours.   
Do you have any ‘secret talents’?
I’m a proficient typer. 
What’s your favourite song?
I don’t have a favourite song, but right now I’m listening to ‘7-eleven’ by Black Midi.


Total Look Ann Demeulemeester // Blazer Dries Van Noten