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Talking Heads – Jass Reemann

Shot by Jackson Frederick – Fashion Editor Simone Rutigliano – Model Jass Reemann at Crew Model Management – Grooming by Jury Schiavi – Casting Director Isadora Banaudi – Stylist Assistants Giammarco Cingolani and Simona La Via – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Total Look Givenchy

The life of a model is a bit chaotic, not always knowing when, or even where, you‘ll have your next booking. How has that impacted your daily life?
I’ve learned to embrace chaos. There’s no need to try to silence the chaos, instead you want to be able to use chaos as a superpower, like a magic wand for the creative mind.
What do you do to manage stress? Do you practice yoga, blast music or take a walk?
What calms me down the most is sitting down with a pen and paper, trying to analyse ideas and situations. Every evening, I sit down at my table and just write my thoughts.
Small rural town or big city?
Small rural town in the mountains.
Are you a big food enthusiast? What would your last meal be?
Not really, I’d have a croissant and some orange juice.
What’s your biggest fear in the world?
My biggest fear is that somewhere along the way I’ll lose my curiosity, that I’ll stop asking questions.
What was the very first modeling gig you had? Were you scared and uncomfortable?
It was a show for Federico Curradi. I remember feeling a bit nervous, but as soon as I stepped onto the runaway the nervousness turned into excitement.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked to do while modeling?
In Ibiza, I once climbed a cliff naked to try and recreate an old oil painting.


Suit Ninamounah – Shirt and Brooch Celine Homme by Hedi Slimane // Total Look Celine Homme by Hedi Slimane

If you opened your phone to show me, what app’s would I find? What application do you use the most? 
I mainly use Instagram these days, but probably you’d also find Spotify and see my Harry Styles playlist.
Texting or calling?
Calling, for sure! I’m the worst at texting.
What’s your favourite book?
With everything that’s going on in the world right now, Albert Camus’ The Plague’ really spoke to me.
What’s the last thing you do at night before going to sleep?
An exercise called ‘Premeditation’. It was introduced by philosopher Seneca, and it means that before each day starts you run through all the worst case scenarios. Just to make you feel at home with the idea of failure.
If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life, where’d it be and why?
There’s a lovely little village by lake Como in Italy called Nesso. It’s the perfect place for people who want to practice slow-living, finding tranquillity with modest pleasures.
Favourite guilty pleasure?
Wine (Laughs, E.D.)!
What items are on your fashion wish list? 
A really nice pair of combat boots by Dior or Ann Demeulemeester.
What three values would you say are engraved in you?
Freedom, cheerfulness and curiosity.


Coat, Trousers, Socks and Bag Gucci – Top and Boots Ann Demeulemeester // Top Versace – Trousers and Boots Alexander McQueen

If you could jump back, or to the future, what era would you choose to live in? 
I’d go back to the Renaissance and have a chat with all the great philosophers and writers.
Do you have a ‘celebrity crush’? Who is it and why?
Keira Knightley. She’s so charismatic and the British accent gives me instant goosebumps.
What zodiac sign are you? Does it resonate with you at all?
I’m a Libra. I think it does, because I don’t have mood swings that often. I’m very balanced.
Do you see yourself in the future doing something besides modeling? Or would you like to continue with it for the rest of your life?
Yes, I do. My interests are predominantly psychological. I want to know how I function emotionally and how others around me function on an emotional level too. Therefore, I see myself working with people and writing on the topic of emotional health and emotional intelligence.
What’s your favourite song?
I think a really timeless favourite is ‘Fast Car’ by Tracey Chapman.


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