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Talking Heads – Jean Augnet

Shot by Balint Barna – Fashion Editor Martin Metcalf – Model Jean Augnet at Models 1 – Stylist Assistant Joshua Ingate // Coat John Lawrence Sullivan – Shirt Corneliani – Gloves Dents – Sunglasses Gentle Monster – Ear Cuff Alan Crocetti

The life of a model is a bit chaotic, not always knowing when, or even where, you‘ll have your next booking. How has that impacted your daily life?
Well, I think it’s really important to do something outside of modeling. I take dance classes every day and now some acting classes as well. So, I’m not really stressed that much to be honest.
What do you do to manage stress? Do you practice yoga, blast music or take a walk?
Dancing makes me feel really happy, so I put some music on and get moving to the beat!
Small rural town or big city?
Big city!
Are you a big food enthusiast? What would your ‘last meal’ be?
Take me to KFC and I’ll be happy.
What’s your biggest fear in the world?
Not being able to use my body for dancing.
What was the very first modeling gig you had? Were you scared and uncomfortable?
It was the lookbook for Dior Men’s SS21 collection, and I wasn’t scared at all, I was more surprised to see that most models don’t even speak to each other. Which was uncomfortable.


Jacket Walter Van Beirendonck – Jumper Etudes – Trousers Alexander McQueen – Sunglasses Balenciaga – Ring Miansai // Suit Carlota Barrera – Shirt and Boots Bottega Veneta – Sunglasses Balenciaga


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked to do while modeling?
Nothing too crazy for now (Laughs, E.D.).
If you opened your phone to show me, what app’s would I find? What application do you use the most?
You’d find ‘KineMaster’, which is an app I use to edit my dance videos.
Texting or calling?
Calling! It’s so much nicer.
What’s your favourite book?
‘Voyage au centre de la terre’ by Jules Verne!
What’s the last thing you do at night before going to sleep?
I take a shower and then listen to some music while stretching and getting ready for bed!
If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life, where’d it be and why?
In a big city, because there’s always something going on and I take inspiration from random places to create my dance videos.
Favourite guilty pleasure?
Peppa pig…


Jumper and Trousers Etudes – Boots Eytys – Belt Our Legacy – Gloves Dents – Necklace Hatton Labs // Coat John Lawrence Sullivan – Shirt Corneliani – Tie Lanvin – Trousers Dries Van Noten – Boots Paul Smith – Gloves Dents – Sunglasses Gentle Monster – Ear Cuff Alan Crocetti

What items are on your fashion wish list?
Some jewellery pieces.
What three values would you say are engraved in you?
Respect, solidarity and determination.
If you could jump back, or to the future, what era would you choose to live in?
I’d like to meet George Benson when ‘Give me the night’ came out, it’s so 80’s!
Do you have a ‘celebrity crush’? Who is it and why?
Meryl Streep, because I’m in love with her acting.
What zodiac sign are you? Does it resonate with you at all?
I’m a Sagittarius. Does it resonate with me? I don’t know, you tell me!
Do you see yourself in the future doing something besides modeling? Or would you like to continue with it for the rest of your life?
I see myself working in the entertainment industry, as an actor or comedian.
What’s your favourite song?
‘Love come down’ by Evelyn King.


Jacket Carlota Barrera – Shirt Bottega Veneta – Sunglasses Balenciaga // Jacket Walter Van Beirendonck – Jumper Etudes – Trousers Alexander McQueen – Boots Acne Studios – Sunglasses Balenciaga – Rings Miansai // Jumper and Trousers Etudes – Belt Our Legacy – Gloves Dents – Necklace Hatton Labs