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Talking Heads – Lee Chen

Shot by Gabriele Rosati – Fashion Editor Lavinia Feliziani – Model Lee Chen at Casting – Grooming by Nerea Fernandez – Stylist Assistant Alessio Boccini – Photographer Assistant Rosanna Galeone // Total Look Emporio Armani

New or recycled?
It depends! Sometimes I prefer new, but I also like recycled.
What do you have for lunch on a Sunday?
Generally speaking, I spend my Sundays with a friend of mine and cook at home.
Running in the park or training at the gym?
I’d say running in the park.
What’s the snack you loved as a kid?
When I was a kid, I used to eat a lot of cookies.
Vintage or straight from the catwalk?
Vintage! Sometimes, when thrift shopping, you can find clothes with an heritage.
How did you first get into modeling?
My professor at school once said that I had a unisex aesthetic, and I decided to startbreaking the stereotype.


Suit Emporio Armani – Shoes Maison Margiela // Total Look Jil Sander


London or New York City?
If you weren’t a model, what would you be?
I’d definitely be an artist, since I’m studying art.
Reading or watching Netflix?
I prefer reading books, as Netflix doesn’t allow you to use your imagination.
How would you describe your personal style?
Since I’ve moved to Italy, my style has definitely changed. Here, I feel free to express myself!
Skateboard or electronic scooter?
I usually take the bus.
Is there a trend you’d wish stayed a thing of the past?
I don’t have one!


Suit Emporio Armani – Bag and Necklace Stylist’s Own – Shoes Eytys // Trousers and Shoes Marni – Collar JW Anderson

How do you dress for a date? What about castings?
I try to look as elegant as I can, maybe a bit more feminine. For castings, I wear tight super boring clothes, because that’s how I’m supposed to dress.
Is there something you had to wear for a job that you wish you could bring home?
Some objects, like props from the shooting.
What’s the most common misconception about modeling?
People think we’re stupid, but that’s not true: we have a lot of passions, we’re not what people imagine us to be.
Do you have any advice for those who want to start a career in the fashion industry?
I’d say you need to have tough outer shell, because you’re always being judged in this industry.
What’s your favourite perfume?
I use Gucci Bloom, and I like it a lot.
What’s your relationship with social networks? How do you deal with online criticism?
Sometimes, people are aggressive. They see things the way they want to, when they should be more open and know what they’re talking about before judging. I like to use social networks to meet new people, I just don’t like people taking them too seriously.


Total Look Marni – Earrings and Socks Stylist’s Own // Total Look Jil Sander