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Talking Heads – Liam Powers

Shot by Isaac Calpe – Fashion Editor Guillem Chanzá – Model Liam Powers at UNO Models – Grooming by Mabel Boon – Fashion Assistant Claudia Catroux – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Total Look Celine Homme

What’s your biggest form of self-expression?
It’s divided in two, I love to play music. I play the drums, guitar, and piano, and it always feels like a natural way to express myself. Then I also like to write, but it takes a little more activation energy than sitting and playing the guitar. It’s a very direct form of self-expression.
What do your eyes and mind gravitate towards when you first see a person?
When someone is actively paying attention and living in the moment, when they’re ready to laugh at anything with you. That’s something that stands out to me.
Beer or wine?
I’m not a huge wine fan, so I’ll go with beer.

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What’s the first thing you eat after a runway show?
I go straight for a big bowl of curry. It’s very satisfying.
Netflix or in-person movies?
Sometimes you need to stay in and watch a movie, but there’s nothing like going to the movie theater. Something about the ordeal of it all; getting the popcorn and candy, etc. That makes it a whole other experience.
What’s your favourite motivational quote?
I don’t have any, but just the idea of living in the moment. That’s something I try to live by as much as I can whenever things get overwhelming. I just go for a walk to remind myself that I’m living in a beautiful Mediterranean country and things are really okay for me. Which is in no way a motivational quote, but it’s something that motivates me.

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What’s the best-kept secret about fashion week as a model?
Generally speaking, people are actually very nice. Before I started modeling, I really pictured it as the stereotypical cruel industry where models are sent crying out of their shoots, or things like that. Which of course is one side of the industry, however, there are much nicer people than I originally expected.
What’s you favourite song?
There’s so many I’d say! For now, I’ll just say ‘St. James Infirmary’ by Louis Armstrong. That’s a good one.

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