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Talking Heads – Maib Diop

Shot by Lluis Camps at FishEye Artist MGMT – Fashion Editor Gioele Panedda – Model Maib Diop at D’Men – Grooming by Astor Hoxha at Blend Management – Casting by Isadora Banaudi – Fashion Assistant Sofia Roma – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Jacket JordanLuca – Turtleneck Last Poets

What’s your biggest form of self-expression?
I used to be a tailor and it gave me immense freedom of expression. Now I’m more focused on my career as a model and on sport, basketball, both of which allow me to express myself, in different ways.
What do your eyes and mind gravitate towards when you first see a person?
The first thing that catches my attention is a person’s eyes. From which I can read many things. From the intersections of glances you can understand how to interact with the person in front of you.
Beer or wine?
Actually, for religious reasons I don’t drink alcohol. So it’s coke or juice. In fact, when I go out to aperitifs I always opt for a soft drink.


Total Look Louis Vuitton – Foulard Hermès – Tie Vintage // Jacket JordanLuca – Turtleneck Last Poets – Trousers Apnoea – Belt and Suspenders Vintage

What’s the first thing you eat after a runway show?
A classic Margherita pizza or a donut, it depends on what time the fashion show is.
Netflix or in-person movies?
Netflix gives me a lot of satisfaction when I’m home alone, especially because I can choose what to watch, whether a movie I like or a series for a marathon. Obviously if I’m with friends we go to the cinema.
What’s your favourite motivational quote?
‘Always believe in yourself’. I learned this the hard way when I was first told when I failed school. It has since become a mantra that I repeat to myself every time I’ve low self-esteem or fear of making important decisions.


Coat, Sunglasses and Chocker Prada – Jacket Drome – Foulard Hermès // Coat, Jacket and Shoes Fendi – Shirt, Trouser and Skirt CHB – Scarf and Tie Vintage

What’s the best-kept secret about fashion week as a model?
There are many secrets, but a secret must remain a secret…
What’s your favourite song?
‘Jocelyn Flores’ by XXXTENTACION. I like it a lot because I find it relaxing, I often listen to it at castings or in the dead (boring) moments before fashion shows. Here perhaps one of the secrets of fashion week is that you get very bored, in fact, between the castings and the waits before the fashion shows.


Total Look Louis Vuitton – Foulard Hermès – Tie Vintage // Coat, Sunglasses, Chocker and Boots Prada – Jacket and Trousers Drome – Foulard Hermès