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Talking Heads – Maks Sidewicz

Shot by Natalia Holland – Fashion Editor Serafin Zielinski – Model Maks Sidewicz at Uncover Models – Art Direction, Production and Casting by Paku Sukuda – Photo Retouch by Ben Holland – Interview by Marco Martello // Turtleneck Prada – Jacket Annakiki 

Gold or silver?
When it comes to jewellery, gold isn’t really my thing, but silver for sure is.
What smell takes you back to your childhood?
My childhood definitely smells of Play-Doh.
Lace or leather?
I think leather suits me more than lace, so I’d say leather is a better choice for me.


Coat, Jacket and Shorts Fendi – Turtleneck and Sneakers Louis Vuitton – Socks Champion // Jacket, Shirt and Trousers Prada – Sneakers Louis Vuitton – Sunglasses Vintage Miu Miu 

What’s the number one thing you always procrastinate?
Ironing is, for sure, the number one thing I always procrastinate.
What food makes you feel better when you’re down in the dumps?
Pizza must be that one food that always boosts my mood.
What’s the number one thing you don’t like about your work as a model?
I think the only thing I don’t like about modelling is travelling long hours on trains, or planes, for jobs.


Coat AnnaKiki – Suit Salvatore Ferragamo – Top Nike – Boots Kenzo // Jacket Comme Des Garçon Homme Plus

How do you chill out after a job?
After an exhausting job, I like to take a quick, or maybe not even that quick, nap to recharge my energy.
What’s your favourite song?
‘Homicide’ by Logic is definitely one of my favourite songs of all time.


Coat and Trousers Prada – Jacket and Chain Roberto Cavalli – Top Adidas Performance // Suit Salvatore Ferragamo – Top Nike – Boots Kenzo // Jacket Fendi – Top Diesel – Trousers Louis Vuitton – Boots Prada