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Talking Heads – MASSAER SECK

Shot by ALESSANDRO OLIVA – Fashion Editor MATTEO GRECO – Grooming GIUSEPPE LORUSSO at CLOSE UP – Video and Social Editor ITING CHEN – Casting Director ISADORA BANAUDI – Photo Assistant PAOLO LEONORI – Fashion Assistant ANUSHKA JAIN //  ModelMASSAER SECK at D’MANAGEMENT GROUP  // Interviewed by GIOVANNI GAROFALO // Shirt and Shorts PIERRE-LOUIS MASCIA – TurtleneckWAYERÖB – Sunglasses TOM FORD

Describe yourself in a word.
What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
I brush my teeth.
Among your priorities, what’s the first between all?
Waking up with positive vibes.
Your source of inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is my brother!


  Tank top PALM ANGELS  //  Total Look COS – Sunglasses GUESS

– Milan or Paris?
Of course, Milan.
– How do you think that fashion can contribute to environmentally’ s development?
In my opinion fashion industries should stop using disposable materials.
– Are you scared that time can take your beauty away with him?
No, I don’t care about time passing, because it’s life.
– “If I hadn’t become a model…”
I’d have been a personal trainer.


Shirt ANDREA POMPILIO // T-Shirt COS // Total Look COS  // Shirt PIERRE-LOUIS MASCIA – Turtleneck WAYERÖB

– There’s a travel ticket on the table, for where would you wish it was?
Even if I love Milan, I would visit Paris.
– Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
All around the world for big fashion show.
– What’s the last movie you saw?
I’m in love with fantasy movies, the last one was The Hobbit.
– Favourite song?
I’m obsessed with Tatabone, Ismael Lo.


Shirt and Shorts PIERRE-LOUIS MASCIA – Turtleneck WAYERÖB – Sunglasses TOM FORD