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Talking Heads – Michael Chima

Photographer Amy Lidgett – Stylist Samuel Gallagher – MakeUp Charli Avery – Hair Ross McLaughlan – Set Design Mariya Evtimova – Stylist Assistant Gabriel Cooper – Cinematography Philippe Stenier – Model Michael Chima – Interview Barbara Maestri // Suit John Lawrence Sullivan

New or recycled?
New, for sure!
What do you have for lunch on a Sunday?
I love to have fruit on a Sunday afternoon.
Running in the park or training in the gym?
Training in the gym.
What’s the snack you loved as a kid?
Beef sausage, it’s always been my favourite!
Vintage or straight from the catwalk?
I have an equal love for both.
How did you first get into modeling?
I was scouted on the street, at home, in Nigeria and did a local fashion show, before getting placed internationally.


Suit John Lawrence Sullivan – White Jacket Toga Archives – Jewellery Sweet Lime Juice // Jacket Art School – Vest and Trousers Contemporary Wardrobe – Shoes Untitlab – Jewellery Sweet Lime Juice

London or New York City?
London, of course!
If you weren’t a model, what would you be?
Probably, a business man.
Reading or watching Netflix?
I can do both, simultaneously – secret super powers!
How would you describe your personal style?
Colourful and lively.
Skateboard or electronic scooter?
Electronic scooter, for sure!
Is there a trend you’d wish it stayed a thing of the past?
Actually, no, I love to bring old trends back and make them current again.
How do you dress for a date? What about castings?
I’m always dressed to kill, regardless of the situation! (Laughs, E.D.)


Top Daniel W Fletcher // Jacket Y/Project – Shirt Toga Archives

Is there something you had to wear for a job that you wished you could bring home?
Yes! A Gucci jacket from the latest campaign I starred in.
What’s the most common misconception about modeling?
That it’s super glamorous all the time!
Do you have any advice for those who want to start a career in the fashion industry?
Just go for it! It’s a really fun and creative industry to work in.
What’s your favourite perfume?
A Calvin Klein fragrance, it smells so fresh!
What’s your relationship with social networks? How do you deal with online criticism?
Luckily, I don’t get much hate online.
What’s your favourite song?
‘I’ll Be Missing You’ by Puff Daddy.


Turtleneck John Smedley – Jacket Daniel W Fletcher // Top Daniel W Fletcher – Trousers Y/Project – Shoes Roker