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Talking Heads – Noah Hanes

Photographer Antonino Cafiero – Fashion Editor Nicholas Galletti – Model Noah Hanes at Management – Grooming by Eloïse Bourges – Fashion Assistant Yuliia Mchedlishvili – Special Thanks to Royal Cheese Studio – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Vest Etro – Necklace Model’s Own

What’s the top thing on your bucket list?
To go on a surf trip around the world, experience as much wilderness and nature as possible.
Sunset or sunrise?

thegreatestmagazine_talkingheads_noahahnes 1

Coat Acne Studios -Shirt and Trousers Giuliva Heritage – Scarf Cinabre // Vest and Shorts Hermès – Polo Giuliva Heritage – Boots Dries Van Noten

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the modeling industry thus far?
Losing my passport after NYFW. Last September I was taking the train to the airport and in a frenzy I left my bag on the wrong train, had to cancel my flight to milan, go home and wait for news. I waited all weekend hoping it would turn up, and felt so disappointed in myself after all of my hard work. Every day I was missing another opportunity in Milan. Eventually Monday came around and with no sign of my bag, I booked a 5 hour long train to Boston from NYC at 5 AM in hopes of getting an emergency passport in Boston and fly straight to Milan afterwards. As I arrived in Boston lost and found called and said they had found my bag: so I switched my flight from NYC, bought a train ticket back to Penn station and flew straight to Milan. In the end, I learned that in one moment you could be at your lowest low and the next you could be walking the show of your dreams. Everything passes eventually.
Do you find there’s enough diversity in modeling and the fashion world? And what would you change about it, if anything?
I think diversity whether its within modeling or in the city I reside it’s beautiful and necessary. I think a major obstacle for diversity within modeling has a lot to do with accessibility to the market and ability to get a permit to work within Europe or the USA

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Jacket, Vest and Bandana Max Thomas Sanderson – Trousers Marine Serre // Coat Marine Serre – Shoes Acne Studios

Are you conscious of the environment when you shop?
I hate buying clothing new, mostly because I’m incredibly clumsy and will instantly find a way to stain or scuff even the darkest clothing. I’m also very conscious of fashion’s impact on our oceans, our atmosphere, and resources. Consumption is a huge part of American identity, and living in Europe has absolutely changed the way I view my footprint.
When you’re cleaning out your closet, what do you do with your clothes that no longer fit? Do you donate or sell these items?
While its hard for me to sell or let clothing go, I feel a sense that I’ll end up where it belongs when I either donate it or surprise a friend with it. It’s fun for me to imagine which of my friends would like a certain pair of jeans or T-shirt the most.

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Boxers Christian Dior – Necklace Model’s Own // Total Look Dries Van Noten

Sailboat or speedboat?
Sailboat, I’d much rather sail naturally with the wind.
What’s your favourite song?
‘Coney Island Baby’ by Lou Reed.

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Total Look Prada // Shirt Kolor