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Talking Heads – Quillan de Boeck

Shot by Antonino Cafiero – Fashion Editor Matteo Greco – Model Quillan De Boeck at I Love Models Management – Grooming by Gianluca Grechi at Blend Management – Casting by Isadora Banaudi – Photography Assistant Filippo Ragone – Fashion Assistants Roberto Strumolo and Martina Roversi – Interview by Marco Martello // Sweater Piacenza 1733

Gold or silver?
Gold, hands down.
What smell takes you back to your childhood?
Grass during summer. It takes me back to when I’d play football in my garden with my father.
Lace or leather?
It depends on the mood I’m in. Generally speaking, I’d say that I prefer lace.


Vest Roy Roger’s – Shirt Dsquared2 – Turtleneck Lotto – Shorts and Boots MSGM // Jacket JORDANLUCA – Jacket Underneath Dsquared2 – Trousers MSGM – Balaclava Paul Smith

What’s the number one thing you always procrastinate?
Cleaning dishes. I really like cooking, but cleaning is my personal hell.
What food makes you feel better when you’re down in the dumps?
A good pasta dish.
What’s the number one thing you don’t like about your work as a model?
The uncertainty of work. Not really being able to make plans with friends and family, since there’s always the possibility that I’ll have to go somewhere last minute.

Vest Star Point – Shirt Jacket PS Paul Smith – Top Aries x Fila – Shorts and Boots Dsquared2 // Jacket JORDANLUCA – Balaclava Paul Smith

How do you chill out after a job?
I usually lay down and watch Netflix, or I go get a drink with my friends.
What’s your favourite song?
Right now, I’d say it’s ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by The Beatles, but ‘Lonely’ by Akon always puts me in a good mood since I have a lot of fun childhood memories attached to that song, even though the lyrics are pretty sad.

Vest Roy Roger’s – Shirt Dsquared2 – Turtleneck Lotto – Shorts MSGM // Jacket and Trousers C.P. Company – Sweater Piacenza 1733 – Shorts Dsquared2