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Talking Heads – Robe Fadlala

Photographer Lotte Thor – Fashion Editor Chiara Bottin at Nina Klein Agency – Model Robe Fadlala at Tigers MGMT – Grooming by Rebecca Schmitz at Nina Klein Agency – Photographer Assistant Isabel Spantzel and Alana Naumann – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Top Ganni

What’s the top thing on your bucket list?
Going to London.
Sunset or sunrise?

thegreatestmagazinetalkingheadsrobefadlala 1

Jacket Baldessarini – Skirt A. Roege Hove – Trousers Peng Tai – Necklace Paloma Wool – Shoes  Eytys // Top Juan VG

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the modeling industry thus far?
The Modeling industry often makes you change to adjust to certain criteria. I’ve seen a lot of models that struggle with accepting themselves and their own personality. I personally find it challenging. 
Do you find there’s enough diversity in modeling and the fashion world? And what would you change about it. in anything?
I thing now the industry has gotten more diverse and that’s big progress. I love working with models of different nationalities, ethnicities, shapes and sizes. More inclusion, please.

thegreatestmagazinetalkingheadsrobefadlala 2

Coat Aitorgoikotxea – Top  Peng Tai – Skirt Acne Studios – Boots Yume Yume // Skirt Dion Lee – Trousers Javier Guijarro – Scarf Acne Studios – Sunglasses Dries Van Noten – Boots Saint Laurent

Are you conscious of the environment when you shop?
Yes, I choose to shop consciously. I buy clothes at the flee markets and a lot of vintage. No fast fashion here.
When your cleaning out your closet, what do you do with your clothes that no longer fit? Did you donate or sell these items?
Both. Sometimes I resell the items, and sometimes I donate it or simply give it to my friends if they like it.

thegreatestmagazinetalkingheadsrobefadlala 3

Top A. Roege Hove – Trousers Baldessarini – Boots Saint Laurent // Shirt Baldessarini – Polo Pia – Trousers Ma Horde – Sleeves Lara Severa – Belt Diesel

Sailboat or speedboat?
What’s your favourite song?
‘Paris to London’, by Bastien & INNA

thegreatestmagazinetalkingheadsrobefadlala 4

Vest Baldessarini  – Trousers A. Roege Hove – Belt Isabel Marant – Shoes Quira //  Coat Escada Sport Vintage – Shoes Adidas