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Talking Heads – S Nagy Levente

Shot by Emilio Murolo – Fashion Editor Fabio Pittalis – Model S. Nagy Levente at D’Management – Hair by Chiara Bussei – Make up Karin Borromeo – Styling Assistant Katia Gasio – Casting Director Isadora Banaudi // Raincoat Stella McCartney – Shirt with leather stripe Versace – Hat Flapper

How did you first get into modeling? 
My sister was invited by a photographer to go to a modeling agency and, when I went with her, they ended up choosing me.
If you weren’t a model, what would you be? 
I’d be a tennis player, as I used to be really good at tennis.
As there are lots of misconceptions about modeling, I’d like to ask you what the best (and worst) part of your job really is.
The best part is being able to travel, but the worst is being alone.
New or recycled? 
I prefer to buy recycled stuff, but it’s easier to get new things. Anyhow, I try hard to reuse items.
What’s your spirit animal? 
My spirit animal is, for sure, a tiger.
Car or bike? 
A car.


Leather Hooded Cloak Bally – Sweater and Trousers Sunnei – Shoes Vans // Raincoat Stella McCartney – Shirt with leather stripe, Jeans and Boots Versace – Hat Flapper

Are you into reading? 
Yes, I am.
What do you have for breakfast? 
Three eggs and a coffee.
Are you into thrift shopping? 
No, not really.
Has your personal style changed since you started modeling? 
Actually, no, it hasn’t. I’ve always dressed this way.
What’s that one thing you had to wear for a job and wished you could bring home? 
I really liked a pair of New Balance sneakers.
Do you have any style-related advice on how to stand out from the crowd? 
Be yourself, wear what you feel like wearing and don’t care about what people think.


Poncho Acne Studios – Shirt and Trousers Davi Paris – Sneakers New Balance – Sunglasses Mikyta & Bernhard Willhelm

What’s in your suitcase? 
I only bring my sunglasses with me.
Any childhood nicknames? 
It was always Levi, with no exceptions unfortunately: I’d have loved to have a nickname!
What’s your favourite garment? 
Technically it’s not a garment, but shoes are a must for me.
Do you have any ‘secret talents’? 
I can eat loads of food in a very short period of time (without putting on weight).
If your life was a movie. Who would play you?  
Ryan Reynolds.
What’s your favourite pastime? 
Doing sports, watching movies and hanging out with friends.
What’s your favourite song?
‘No Limit’ by G-Eazy, featuring A$AP Rocky and Cardi B.


Coat and Shirt Marni – Trousers Vans – Shoes Marsèll // Coat and Shirt Marni – Trousers Vans