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Talking Heads – Samer Rhama

Photographer Oliver Marshall– Fashion Editor Sofi Chetrar – Model Samer Rhama at KateMoss Agency – Grooming by Takumi Horiwaki  – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Sweater Zegna

Coat Wales Bonner – T-shirt Pop x Adidas  

First things first, how did you get your start into the fashion world as a model?

I was scouted waiting for my mum and sister to finish shopping on Oxford Street in London.

Coffee or tea?

Jumpsuit and Sweatshirt Martine Rose – Sweatshirt Adidas x Wales Bonner // Coat Wales Bonner – T-Shirt Pop x Adidas – Belt Paul Smith – Trousers Zegna – Shoes Hermes 

Do you have a signature perfume? If so, what is it?
I use a few for different occasions but probably wear Prada Black the most.

Jeans or slacks?



Total Look Louis Vuitton

What’s your on-the-go snack or meal when running to modeling appointments or runway
I don’t really have a go-to, but my guilty pleasure is candy, specifically strawberry licorice laces (Smiles, E.D).

Describe your daily uniform.
Anything comfortable! Usually my straight-fit cargo pants with a sweatshirt or hoodie.


Jacket Fendi // Jacket Fendi – Trousers Zegna – Shoes Adidas x Wales Bonner 

Are you an active, sportsperson?
Yes! I try to play football as often as I can and fit in runs and gym trips into my week.

What’s your favourite song?
I have too many to be able to pick a favourite, however, the one song at the moment I keep replaying is ‘If I’m Lying’ by Burna Boy.

Total Look Prada