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Talking Heads – Simon Nygard

Shot by Marcello Arena – Fashion Editor Chiara Spennato – Grooming Chiara Bussei at WM Management – Casting Director Isadora Banaudi – Fashion Assistants Matteo Stellini // Jacket Dondup – Shorts Levi’s Strauss & Co. – Sneakers Camper – Sunglasses Kenzo – Necklace Meru’


How did you first get into modeling?
I got scouted when I was 14, but I didn’t start modeling until I turned 22. In those years, I was asked to model for projects and shootings many times. So, in 2010, I thought I’d give it a chance: I moved to Paris and started my career.
If you weren’t a model, what would you be?
If I weren’t constantly in the front of the camera, I’d work as a creative. As a blogger, I’m already forced to deal with all the behind-the-scenes tasks, that have taught me a lot about this industry, as well as contributing to my creativity.
As there are lots of misconceptions about modeling, I’d like to ask you what the best (and worst) part of your job really is.
I have to say I love the scene, all the creative minds and talents you’re able to connect and work with. The only thing I don’t like about modeling is all the waiting: you’ll end up waiting at castings and jobs. That being said, I’ve learned how to efficiently use this time. So, actually, it doesn’t bother me anymore!
Do you have any ‘secret talents’?
Let’s see what the future will show 🙂
New or recycled?
It depends on the item: I like to mix and match, to have contrasts in my outfits. As to denim and leather, I definitely like them to have a worn finish.
What’s your spirit animal?
An owl, observation is key.


Jacket Dondup – Shorts Levi’s Strauss & Co.  //  T-Shirt Levi’s Made & Crafted – Jeans Wrangler – Sneakers Camper – Sunglasses Kenzo – Necklace Meru’

Car or bike?
It depends on the city…in big cities, I prefer the local transportation. As to the smaller ones, a car in the winter and a bike in the summer.
Are you into reading?
I should definitely read more. That being said, I’m more of a listener, so I prefer audio books.
What do you have for breakfast?
For breakfast, I always have oatmeal with a banana and coffee (I eat a plant-based diet).
Are you into thrift shopping?
Yes, I love the contrast between new and used. So, I definitely go ‘treasure hunting’ to find unique pieces. That’s how you can create something very personal, as second hand items can’t be found in masses.
What’s your favourite garment?
Currently, I’m very much into oversize or unfit blazers. Oh, and boots… shoes are always on my mind!
Has your personal style changed since you started modeling?
I guess, with modeling, I got more experimental with my style. Anyhow, I was never afraid to wear what I felt. For example, when I was 15, I was featured in our local newspaper, because I was the only man who was wearing a “man bag”, as it was called back then. So, I was always an avant-gardist.


Jacket Levi Strauss & Co. – T-Shirt Aspesi – Jeans Levi’s Engineered – Sneakers Camper – Necklace Meru’

What’s that one thing you had to wear for a job and wished you could bring home?
I wish I could have brought home with me the look I wore at the Berluti FW18 Show in Paris.
Do you have any style-related advice on how to stand out from the crowd?
Find what’s you and always implant that into every look you wear. 
What’s in your suitcase?
In my luggage, you’ll find: my staple pieces, mixed with my latest ones.
Any childhood nicknames?
What’s your favourite pastime?
My biggest hobbies are creating contents (so, creative/concept thinking, photography and editing) and training.
If your life was a movie. Who would play you? 
I wan to be my own movie!
What’s your favourite song?
One of my current favourite songs is: ‘This is the new shit’ by Marilyn Manson. Currently, I’m listening to a lot of Italian rap and trap to learn Italian.


Jacket Levi Strauss & Co. – T-Shirt Aspesi – Jeans Levi’s Engineered – Sneakers Camper – Necklace Meru’  //  Vest Dior -Jeans Diesel