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Talking Heads – Sonja Sandin

Shot by Cornelia Wahlberg – Fashion Editor Emma Thorstrand – Model Sonja Sandin – Makeup by Johanna Nordlander – Hair by Jesper Hallin – Set Design Fredrik Svartnäs – Interview by Francesco Dossi // Total Look Celine Homme

When you hear the word ‘attractive’, what’s the first thing you think about?
My first thought goes to my partner Luiza. They’re a shining person, the kind who lights up any room they walk into, a true social magnet. And they’re such a nerd in their interests too, which I think is the hottest thing. Being passionate and nerdy about what you love is something I find very attractive. I find every little quirk about them so incredibly enchanting.
What’s one thing you constantly are forgetting and one thing you never go without?
One thing I’m constantly forgetting is to take my medication, and I never go without my snus. Some people would say I’m a nicotine addict, but those people are alcoholics.


Dress Diesel – Puffer Entire Studios – Necklace jiamini – Bag and Stockings Stylist’s Own // Total Look Celine Homme – Flower Raw Studios

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
I think it’d be something kind of lame honestly, like having the power to budget, or being able to concentrate on something for more than 5 mins. I wish I could teleport though too, that would be cool.
How did you feel the first time you were hired as a model, and what was the occasion?
My first ever modelling job was for Balenciaga Spring-Summer’19. I was on vacation with my family in Barcelona when a casting agent came up and talked to me when we were leaving the beach.
A few weeks later I was on a flight to Paris! The whole thing is a blur to me now, I did fittings, they cut my hair for what felt like hours, and suddenly I was walking on this really cool runway that was shaped like a tunnel made out of tv-screens. I remember being so terrified of sneezing or slipping and falling on the runway. But it was an amazing experience, I never thought something like that would happen to me.


Total Look Diesel – Chocker Celine Homme – Flowers Raw Studios // Top Eytys – Skirt Vintage – Trousers Namesake – Boots Celine Homme

What’s your best memory linked to this profession?
I think my best memory from modelling was when me and another model from my agency went out for ramen and beers after a show. I don’t know why it’s this specific memory but I just had such a great time. You always get surprised at how many different and wonderful people you can meet in this industry.
If you were a mood, what one would describe you best?
I would say ‘whimsical’ would be a fitting mood to describe me.

thegreatestmagazine_talkingheads_sonjasandin 3

Jacket, Shirt and Boots Eytys – Top Emily Watson – Bag Cum Clubwear // Top Elin Westling – Sequin Top Ferrari – Bolero The Open Product – Trousers Diesel – Boots Celine Homme

Tell me, what does ‘home’ mean to you?
Is it too cliché to say that home is where your loved ones are? I would feel at home anywhere I have people who are dear to me.
What’s your favourite song?
My favourite song is probably ‘Crosses’ by José González. It was featured in a videogame called ‘Life is strange’ that I used to play a lot (Laughs, E.D).

thegreatestmagazine_talkingheads_sonjasandin 4

Top and Skirt Jil Sander – Socks and Shoes Cum Clubwear – Necklace Jiamini // Total Look Celine Homme