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Talking Heads – Tamsir Thiam

Shot by Giuseppe Triscari – Fashion Editor Matteo Greco – Model Tamsir Thiam at Independent – Hair by Giuseppe Lorusso at Closeupmilano – Fashion Assistant Lavinia Feliziani – Photography Assistant Bhagya Gaikwad – Casting Director Isadora Banaudi – Interview by Chelsea McPartlon // Shirt and Vest Grifoni – Trousers and Tie Paul Smith

The life of a model is a bit chaotic, not always knowing when, or even where, you‘ll have your next booking. How has that impacted your daily life?
I think it was harder at the beginning of my career about three years ago, but now it’s going very well. You just need time to understand how the fashion world works and, most importantly, you always have to be patient.
What do you do to manage stress? Do you practice yoga, blast music or take a walk?
I really like listening to good music for releasing stress. Also, I’m lucky to be surrounded by family and friends, so I never feel alone. During quarantine, I also tried to practice meditation and it really helped me.
Small rural town or big city?
Definitely, a big city! I’m very active and always out and about, so living in a small town would be too boring for me.
Are you a big food enthusiast? What would your ‘last meal’ be?
Fruit! When I eat it, I know that I’m doing something good for my body.
What’s your biggest fear in the world?
To lose the people I love.
What was the very first modeling gig you had? Were you scared and uncomfortable? 
My very first gig was a fashion show for Ermenegildo Zegna. I wasn’t very stressed, I enjoyed it as much as I could.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked to do while modeling?
In December 2019, I shot a campaign where I had to climb a super high structure. I even had to wear a harness for safety measures.


Suit Magliano – Shoes Onitsuka Tiger // Jacket Grifoni – Shirt PS Paul Smith – Hat Fila

If you opened your phone to show me, what app’s would I find? What application do you use the most? 
I’d say just social media and shopping apps!
Texting or calling? 
What’s your favourite book? 
I can’t name one, but I just discovered ‘The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness’ by Gucci Mane with Soren Baker, and I’ll definitely buy it!
What’s the last thing you do at night before going to sleep? 
I brush my teeth, wash my face and listen to music.
If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life, where’d it be and why? 
In Senegal, because all my family lives there and the weather is so perfect!
Favourite guilty pleasure?
What items are on your fashion wish list? 
Boots, hats and bags.


Suit and Tie Paul Smith – Shirt and Vest Grifoni – Shoes Onitsuka Tiger // Jacket Magliano

What three values would you say are engraved in you? 
Ambition, friendship and honesty.
If you could jump back, or to the future, what era would you choose to live in? 
I wouldn’t jump back to the past or to the future, I’d rather live in the present.
Do you have a ‘celebrity crush’? Who is it and why? 
Rihanna! She’s probably the first celebrity I’ve ever seen on TV when I was only a child.
What zodiac sign are you? Does it resonate with you at all? 
I’m a Libra and I do think it’s very influent and relevant on my character.
Do you see yourself in the future doing something besides modeling? Or would you like to continue with it for the rest of your life? 
I’d like to continue working in the fashion industry, maybe as a stylist or editor.
What’s your favourite song? 
‘Praise the Lord’ by Asap Rocky featuring Skepta.


Suit Grifoni – Shirt PS Paul Smith – Hat Fila – Shoes Onitsuka Tiger // Suit and Shirt Corneliani – Tank Top COS – Boots Paul Smith