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Talking Heads – Tsubasa

Shot By Alessandro Oliva – Fashion Editor Matteo Greco – Grooming Luigi Morino at Close Up Using Toni&Guy Italia – Casting Director Isadora Banaudi – Photo Assistant Alessio Keilty – Grooming Assistant Manuel Ian Farro – Fashion Assistant Anushka Jain // Jumper Kenzo

Describe yourself through a quality, an animal and a book.
(Why do you choose this animal and this book?)
Cat is an animal in which I see myself the most. They do what they want. I find in this animal a spirit of freedom that is similar to mine.
Which place you feel to call home?
I feel i can call home every place, if i’m feeling good there, but Japan for me is a special home.
When did you realize that being a model would become your work?
(is there a particular casting you have done or a model’s hunter’s meeting where you’ve discovered it)
I got scouted in Tokyo 4 years ago, when I was 20.
Does exist a character, real or imaginary, that inspires you?
One-Punch man, his inexplicable strength is what is interesting and inspires me.
Today, with social networks, we know everything about everyone. What do you use it for?
Through every social network i use instagram the most, that is used to communicate with everyone and also because i use to post my works.


Total Look MSGM // Trench And Shorts PS by Paul Smith – Shirt Brooksfield – Shoes Sebago

Is body shaming still an ongoing problem in model system?
I think in female world the idea of respecting aestethic canons is much more pressing. Luckily i didn’t experienced on myself but still i think is wrong, is not human.
What do you think about it? is that hypocrisy it’s or real politically correct?
I think it is incorrect to shame models for their bodies. Especially models as young as 15 years old. It really affects their self-esteem and leads to insecurities.
How do you think fashion can contribute to the environment?
Solution are several: awareness and the use of ethical fabrics could be one of the solutions to deal with this problem.
Is there something that you would change in fashion system?
I feel the female fashion is still more followed and looked up to, I would like to see men’s fashion to become more popular as well.
Which is, by your opinion, the fashion designer that defined men image best?
Alessandro Michele. He opened a new universe, no longer made of set rules.


Vest Ballantyne – Shirt and Shoes Corneliani – Tie Paul Smith – Trousers Canali // Jacket Calvin Klein Jeans – Jumper Kenzo

Looking back through your life, what wouldn’t you do again?
Do you have any regrets about something you haven’t done?
I prefer the slow life so I guess I wouldn’t choose to be a model but maybe I would produce and pursue music.
Beyond your model surface, what else is there?
I can say that I am a mentally strong person. I would like to focus on music and maybe earn acco-lades for it, a Grammy would be nice *laughs*
What do you think is the most important worth to keep to always believe in your dreams?
Just focus on your goals and believe in yourself.
In your free time, should we figure you at a techno rave or in pajamas?
Definitely in my pajamas, I love to chill and stay at home.
There is any photographer that you mostly appreciate? Why?
Some photographers that I worked with were super at what they do!
What’s your favorite song?
Money Tree -Kendrick Lamar


Vest Ballantyne – Shirt and Shoes Corneliani – Tie Paul Smith – Trousers Canali // Trench PS by Paul Smith – Shirt Brooksfield