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Talking Heads – Youssef Rocha

Model Youssef Rocha Faty at 16 Men – Shot by Lorenzo Paino Fernandez – Stylist Glen Mban – Make Up David Lenhardt at The Art Board agency – Hair Massanori Yahiro – Casting Director Isadora Banaudi – Interviewed by Chelsea McPartlon // Shirts and Shoes Lanvin – Trousers Jil Sander – Belt Balenciaga – Bracelet Saint Laurent

The life of a model is a bit chaotic, not always knowing when, or even where, you‘ll have your next booking. How has that impacted your daily life?
Yes, it’s affected my organisation a lot!
What do you do to manage stress? Do you practice yoga, blast music or take a walk?
I listen to music and play sports.
Small rural town or big city?
It’s hard to say, because each place has it own charm.
Are you a big food enthusiast? What would your ‘last meal’ be?
For sure, my last meal would be pizza!
What’s your biggest fear in the world?


Shirt Lanvin – Trousers Jil Sander – Belt Balenciaga – Bracelet Saint Laurent // Suit Boramy Viguier – Shirt, Bag and Belt Balenciaga – Necklace Saint Laurent

What was the very first modeling gig you had? Were you scared and uncomfortable?
My first modeling gig was for Raf Simons.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked to do while modeling?
I was asked to get my head painted in a glittery yellow, it’s absolutely the craziest thing I’ve ever had to do.
If you opened your phone to show me, what app’s would I find? What application do you use the most?
Instagram, YouTube, Netflix and Deezer.
Texting or calling?
What’s your favourite book?
‘One Thousand and One Nights‘ is my favourite book.


Top Lanvin – Corset Jean Paul Gaultier – Trousers Jil Sander – Shoes Maison Margiela // Suit Boramy Viguier – Shirt, Bag and Belt Balenciaga – Necklace Saint Laurent

What’s the last thing you do at night before going to sleep?
I check all my messages.
If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life, where’d it be and why?
Definitely, Paris.
What three values would you say are engraved in you?
Curiosity, patience and calmness.
What’s your favourite song?
‘Softly’ by Clairo.


Top and Bracelet Saint Laurent – Trousers Uniforme – Shoes AMI – Hat Stylist’s own