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Talking Heads – Zacharie Villot

Shot by Antonino Cafiero – Fashion Editor Nicholas Galletti – Model Zacharie Villot at Success Models – Grooming by Cicci Svahn at Calisté Agency – Interview by Marco Martello // Vest Givenchy – Suit Dries Van Noten – Shirt Lemaire

How do you get ready for a photo shoot?
I take a shower, I brush my teeth, I wear some casual clothes, and I check Google Maps to know how to reach the location.
Do you have a motto?
No, I don’t, but I hope that I’ll have one soon.
When’s the last time you cried?
It was last year, when I had a mental breakdown while working on a professional project.

thegreatestmagazine_talkingheads_zacharievillot 1

Over-shirt and Trousers Berluti – Shirt Felipe Augusto – Tie Cinabre – Boots Lemaire // Over-shirt, Collar Shirt and Trousers Hermès – Shirt Highlight Studio – Tie Cinabre – Belt and Boots Lemaire

What’s your flirting technique?
Well, I just say that I like what the person I want to talk to is wearing.
How do you like your pizza?
Well cooked.
What’s the least favourite body part? how about the one you like most?
My least favourite body part is armpits, and the one I like most is eyes: I could watch them for ages!


Shirt, Trousers and Boots Valentino // Trench Coat Felipe Augusto – Shirt and Trousers Davi Paris – Tie Cinabre

What’re you thinking about when walking down the catwalk?
I think that I could be anywhere else and with anyone else, but instead I’m walking for rich people to help them see how the clothes fit…
What’s your favorite song?
‘Hell On Earth’ by KAS:ST.

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Jacket and Trousers Maison Margiela – Shirt Lemaire – Tie Vintage // Suit and Shirt Highlight Studio – Hat Isabel Marant // Vest, Shirt and Trousers Lemaire